How to upgrade cards in BTS World

Increase the MAX Level capacity of your photo cards by learning how to upgrade them in BTS World.

In BTS World, you have the ability to level up and upgrade your collected photo cards, though the two actions are slightly different. Leveling up your photo cards in exchange for Blossoms will boost the card’s level by 1 and slightly increase the card’s total stats. Meanwhile, upgrading your cards will raise its MAX Level capacity from Level 30 to Level 50, and will award you with a new image option for that card.

Given how powerful an upgrade can make a particular card, it’s far more difficult to upgrade than it is to level up. To help simplify the process, we’ve put together a full guide explaining how you can upgrade your cards in BTS World.

How to Upgrade Cards in BTS World

After your cards reach Level 30 and you collect enough unique Upgrade Stones, you'll be able to upgrade the card and boost its MAX Level in BTS World.
After your cards reach Level 30 and you collect enough unique Upgrade Stones, you'll be able to upgrade the card and boost its MAX Level in BTS World.
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In BTS World, upgrading a card is similar, yet separate from the process of leveling up. We explained how you can level up your photo cards in a previous guide, so if you’re just starting out, we recommend reviewing that guide prior to learning about card upgrades. Knowing how to level up your cards is important, as cards must reach Level 30 before they’re eligible for upgrade.

Additionally, you can only upgrade cards with 3-5 Star rarities attached. To view your card’s rarity, select “Manage Cards” then look at the Stars on the left side of each card. If you’re looking to expand your collection, keep in mind that 3-5 Star cards are primarily acquired through Gem draws, with 1 free Gem draw awarded per day.

You also have the potential to receive a 3-Star card from Gold draws, though most Gold draws award cards at 1 or 2 Stars in rarity. If you have a 3-5 Star card you want to upgrade that’s at least Level 30, tap the card, then select the “Upgrade” tab to the right of the “Level Up” tab. Note that card upgrades will cost you Upgrade Stones, and each member of BTS has their own unique Upgrade Stone.

For example, if you’re trying to upgrade a 3-Star Jin card, you’ll need 50 of Jin’s Upgrade Stones. To get additional Upgrade Stones, you’ll need to exchange duplicate copies of cards with that member (in this case Jin) on it. To get duplicates for exchange, you’ll need to draw cards at random each day.

You get 1 free Gem and 1 free Gold draw per day, though you can spend Gems or Gold on draws as often as you like as long as you have enough currency available. Once you get a card duplicate that can be exchanged, you’ll see a red dot appear in the “Owned Cards” dropdown menu in the “Manage Cards” area.

To check whether you have exchanges available, select the “Owned Cards” dropdown, then select “Exchange Available” to view cards for exchange. Outside of exchanging duplicate cards, you can complete Daily Missions and Achievements in BTS World, as some will award Upgrade Stones.

You can also exchange DNA for specific Upgrade Stones in the DNA Exchange Shop, though this is a pricey and time-consuming option as opposed to farming and exchanging cards. With everything in place, you’re ready to upgrade your card. Successful upgrades cause the card’s image to change and the MAX Level of the card will raise from Level 30 to Level 50. You’ll also get a nice stat boost.

The farther you get in BTS World, the more important it becomes to manage and upgrade your photo cards. If you’re not quite ready to upgrade, taking the time to at least level up your cards will help you complete Chapter Missions and progress through the main BTS Story campaign.

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