Level up the Season 2 Battle Pass fast in Apex Legends

Learn how to earn levels fast in the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass to make sure you don't miss out on those rare skins and rewards!

The Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass has now arrived, and it brings an entirely revamped system for gaining levels. Gone are the grindy XP ranks, replaced instead with a challenge-based system that draws randomly from a wide pool of tasks. With Daily, Weekly and Recurring challenges, where should you be spending your time to level up the Season 2 Battle Pass quickly in Apex Legends? In this guide we’ll dive in and find out. 

The Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass

How to level up Season 2 Battle Pass quickly in Apex Legends
There are plenty of rewards in the Season 2 Battle Pass for Apex Legends. © Respawn Entertainment

If you want to rank up the Season 2 Battle Pass quickly, you’re going to need to understand how its challenges work. There are three types of challenges: Daily, Weekly Recurring, and Weekly, and you can view all of your ongoing challenges at any time.

The Daily challenges are all smaller tasks like earning two kills or knockdowns with a certain weapon, or in a certain place. These reward you with stars, a new currency unique to the battle pass. Weekly recurring challenges are three set tasks that reward you with one Battle Pass level when completed. These reset when completed, meaning you can finish them as many times as you like within one week. One of these will be a challenge to earn a certain number of stars. 

Effectively that means completing Daily challenges will earn the points required to fill your Weekly Recurring challenges which, in turn, earn you the Battle Pass ranks. This is the core method of gaining Battle Pass levels. We don’t yet know if the Weekly Recurring challenges will differ much between weeks, but you can always expect one to require stars to earn you a level.

Finally you have Weekly challenges. These are a wide suite of challenges for your current week. A new set of Weekly challenges will open each week, but you won’t lose access to the last set. This means you’ll steadily build up a supply of Weekly challenges to work your way through. Half of these reward with stars, while the others grant immediate Battle Pass ranks. Don’t worry about rushing to finish the tougher ones of these. You’ll keep your challenges available for the entire duration.

How to level up the Season 2 Battle Pass fast

Level up Battle Pass quickly Apex Legends
Weekly challenges are a great way of scoring some easy Battle Pass levels in Apex Legends. © Respawn Entertainment

The Battle Pass system of stars and Weekly Recurring challenges is a little confusing at first, but the key takeaway is that the Weekly Recurring challenges will be your core method of ranking up the pass. That said, we recommend starting out by looking at your Week 1 challenges. Four of your challenges will reward with immediate Battle Pass levels. Some of these will be longer-term goals you can work towards such as playing 15 games with specific Legends, but others will be easily achievable goals. In the image above, our Week 1 set rewards an entire level simply for landing in Slum Lakes. Take note of these as soon as possible, then you can tick them off while working on your Daily challenges to score some easy levels.

Daily challenges are where the real bread and butter of Apex levels are hidden, but some of them are much easier than others. Every player’s Daily challenges are drawn from a pool of 200, meaning you likely won’t share them with anyone else you’re playing with. Some challenges are simple enough, dealing damage or earning kills/knockdowns with certain weapon types. You should always aim to complete or work towards these during your games. For example, if you a challenge asks you to open two care packages in one game, try dropping towards one of the ones which starts on the map already. 

Location-based challenges are often the worst. Our second set of Daily challenges tasked us with earning a knockdown and performing a finisher in Swamps, an area of the map that almost no-one goes to. You’re better off ignoring these kinds of tasks unless the dropship flies directly over these areas at the start of the level, or there’s a hot zone/supply ship in the vicinity. Some — opening supply bins in a specific area, for example — are much more achievable. We don’t recommend prioritizing these. If you’re lumped with a poor set of Daily challenges, you’re better off working towards your Week 1 challenges while you wait for a new set of Daily challenges

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass rewards
You can also purchase Battle Pass levels, but we wouldn't recommend it unless you're made of money. © Respawn Entertainment.

In short, check your Weekly challenges for any long-term goals and take note of them, then complete any of the easier tasks for some quick levels. From there, you want to start blitzing through Daily Challenges to earn the stars to complete your Weekly Recurring challenges, all while working on the longer Weekly tasks. Once you understand how the system works, it’s possible to level up the Battle Pass extremely quickly.  If all else fails, you can also purchase Battle Pass levels for 150 of the Premium Currency, but given how easy it is to earn levels, we'd recommend not doing this unless you're in a rush later in the Season.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand how to level up the Season 2 Battle Pass fast in Apex Legends. Make sure you’re prepared for everything Season 2 has to offer by reading the full patch notes, and learning about the L-STAR, new Hop-Ups and Legend Wattson.

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