How to redeem Twitch Prime Apex Legends skins

How to redeem Twitch Prime Apex Legends Season 2 skins for Wattson and the L-Star.

Twitch Prime Apex Legends skins for Season 2 are in the wild, and you can redeem them now! Members of Twitch Prime will be receiving a number of skins for Apex Legends throughout Season 2, all you need to do is go and claim them. The first of these available skins is for new Legend, Wattson, who is now sporting a very fetching magical unicorn-themed ensemble. Here's how to redeem those Twitch Prime Apex Legends skins for yourself.

How to redeem Twitch Prime Apex Legends skins

First up, you're going to need to be a Twitch Prime member. That's a given. You don't necessarily need to buy straight into Twitch Prime, if you or a member of your family already has Amazon Prime you can simply link your Twitch account and that Amazon account to get Twitch Prime. Once you have it, head to the Twitch Prime rewards page for Apex Legends and you'll see that there's a few unrevealed skins alongside Wattson's Sweet Dreams and Bangalore's Dino Dynamo skins.

How to redeem Apex Legends Twitch Prime skins
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To redeem Wattson's Stellar Stallion skin, and a bonus matching Sweet Dreams skin for the L-Star, click on the "Claim now" button above her profile. This will prompt you to link your Twitch account with your EA account used to play Apex Legends. If you're playing on Origin on PC then great! That's all you need to do!

If you're playing on PS4 or Xbox you'll need to link your console account with the EA account you just linked to your Twitch account. We know, that's a long and convoluted chain of linking, but it's worth it for those prancing unicorns.

To link your PSN or Xbox Live account to your Twitch Prime-linked EA account, go through the process listed here in EA's support channel. Once you've linked all your accounts together, when the next chance to redeem Twitch Prime Apex Legends skins comes around, you'll be prepared!

How to get Twitch Prime Skins in Apex Legends - Bangalore Dino Dynamo
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Once you've linked your accounts, head back to the same page and click "Claim now" above the Bangalore Dino Dynamo skin so taht you can claim that as well. It's a pretty hilarious skin, so you won't want to miss it. All future skins will require you to return to the same page, so make sure you check back every week to grab a skin.

Now you know how to redeem Twitch Prime Apex Legends skins, you can get out there and enjoy the rest of Season 2, like finding out how to get the L-Star so you can admire your flashy new skin for it!


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