Pokemon Sword and Shield will have version-exclusive gym leaders

Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusive gym leaders revealed in latest trailer.

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer gives us a bit more info about what differences to expect between the versions, as well as what happens when your Pokemon turns into a Gigantamax monster cake.

The trailer also shows off four of the new Pokemon we'll find in the Galar region. First is the fairy-type Alcremie, which has the ability "Sweet Veil", then our best buddy Yamper, an Electric-type corgi with the Ball Fetch ability. Then Duraludon, a Steel/Dragon type with light metal/heavy metal abilities, and lastly in a mine environment, Rolycoly, a rock type with steam engine and heatproof abilities.

The names of those well-dressed office boss looking characters are also revealed as Chairman Rose and Oleana, and it appears that in this pair of games there will be version-specific gym leaders to face off against as well. 

In Pokemon Sword you'll go up against Bea, a fighting-type expert who dresses in what can only be described as a bicycle MMA lycra. And in Pokemon Shield you face Allister, a ghost-type expert who dresses like a gothic lolita Shy Guy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusive gym leaders
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The new Gigantamax mechanic, which supersizes your Pokemon to kaiju size, appears to also change their form slightly. The sweet and simple Alcremie morphs into a monstrous five-tier wedding cake under the effects of Gigantamax in the Galar region's stadiums. We're excited and horrified to find out what happens to the rest of the Gigantamax Pokemon when Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on November 25 this year.


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