Clip That: Twistzz clutches big for Liquid at ESL One Cologne

Team Liquid earned their trophy at ESL One Cologne this weekend, and Twistzz had a big part to play in their success thanks to this play!

In case you missed it, this week saw the finals for ESL One Cologne 2019 play out, with Team Liquid taking the throne over Team Vitality 3-1 in the Grand Final. Cologne has always been a special event on the Counter-Strike calendar, bringing a brilliant atmophere along with the best teams in the world. Each year is a showcase in the best CS:GO has to offer, and this year was no different as Liquid established themselves at the top of the world.

Vitality’s Zyw0o was certainly a standout player for his side, but it was Team Liquid’s Russel 'Twistzz' VanDulken who stole the show for us with this impressive clutch. Attacking the A Bombsite on Overpass is never an easy task for the T’s, but when you’re the last man alive on a force buy and the enemy knows where you are? That’s a whole other level of challenge.

Twistzz, however, was ready to show just how far he’d come since falling flat at last year’s tournament. Earning a quick trade kill on ZyW0o with his deagle, he snatched an AK on the run to the site before narrowly out-spraying Vitality’s Alex who’s hiding behind the plant spot. Risking a quick plant, Twistzz has no idea that Vitality’s RPK is on the long flank, coming up through connector behind him. 

Rather than fall back to his previous ground, Twistzz advances stealthily, opting to keep the deagle out rather than risk reloading the AK and giving his position away. By moving up and clearing the CT side he’s in prime position to catch RPK completely off-guard, though a well-placed headshot is still required to best the Frenchman's aim. Best of all? Twistzz finished it all off with a cheeky nod to his team and the camera as if to say yeah, I just did that. Let’s have a repeat of that at the next Major, Twistzz!

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