How to get Neutral Skullgem in Dauntless

Wondering how to grab the Neutral Skullgem you need in Dauntless? We can help you earn it!

Dauntless has an enormous number of armor sets to upgrade, and if you want to get through many of them you’ll need to know how to get the Neutral Skullgem item. This monster part can only be earned in a very specific manner that’s hard to achieve if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. To make it as clear as possible, in this guide we’ll teach you how to get Neutral Skullgem in Dauntless.

How to get Neutral Skullgem in Dauntless

how to get neutral skullgem in Dauntless
The Deadeye Quillshot is the best Behemoth to hunt for Neutral Skullgem. © Phoenix Labs

Whether it's for armor or the exotic Godhand War Pike, if you want to get Neutral Skullgem in Dauntless, you’re going to need to break the head part of a Neutral Behemoth (Rank 8+) within two minutes of starting combat. That’s no easy feat by any means, so it’s worth taking some time to prepare the right equipment and choose your target.

First off, the Behemoth. There are three Neutral Behemoths in Dauntless: Gnasher, Shrike and Quillshot. The Shrike spends a lot of time flying around and lifts its head up high, so we recommend avoiding that one for this purpose. In our opinion, the best creature to farm Neutral Skullgem from is the Ragetail Gnasher. This creature tends to be a lot less mobile than the Gnasher, letting you pummel its face more easily. 

Given you need to break the part in 2 minutes, there’s a high time pressure on this task. For that purpose, we recommend taking either a slashing weapon that deals extra part damage like the Sword, or the Ostian Repeaters for this fight. The Repeaters may not gain the bonus part damage, but their overall output when upgraded is excellent as you can continuously dish out damage while keeping a bit of distance, so you won’t need to dodge as often. Make sure that you and your team focus your damage entirely on the head to make sure you break the part in time. We've included a video below by Dodgings  which shows him earning the Neutral Skullgem while playing solo with the Repeaters.

Now that you know how to get Neutral Skullgem in Dauntless, you’re ready to head out on a hunt. Looking for some Tailgem or Clawgem? We've got a guide for them too. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks we have plenty of Dauntless guides to help you out, so feel free to have a browse!

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