Monster Hunter World has shipped over 13 million units

To celebrate the result, Capcom will be giving away free in-game goodies.

Monster Hunter World has officially passed 13 million units shipped since its launch in January last year, and Capcom wants to celebrate by giving away free items in-game.

The number is a massive milestone not only for the series, but also for Capcom itself. The company keeps a rough track of the number of copies sold for each of its games, and the 13 million units puts Monster Hunter World leagues ahead of any other game. The next game listed is the ten-year-old Resident Evil 5 at 7.5 million units, and given the imminent release of Iceborne we only expect the gap to widen.

Monster Hunter World took a risk by appealing to a wider market than a typical entry in the series, and it’s certainly paid off. For comparison, the next best-selling title in the series is the PSP title Monster Hunter Freedom 3 at 4.9 million units.

To celebrate the impressive number, Capcom will be giving away a special item pack to anyone who claims their Daily Login Bonus between July 25 and August 29. The pack includes the following:

  • Attack Jewel x1
  • Appreciation Ticket x13
  • Silver Egg x13
  • Gold Wyverian Print x3
  • Heavy Armor Sphere x3

Given how rare Attack Jewels can be as a drop, it’s a very generous gift indeed. Make sure you log in within the month-long period to claim the reward before it disappears for good. Things are certainly looking up for Monster Hunter fans, who’ve recently been teased with another hint towards Brachydios’ appearance in Iceborne.

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