Dragon Quest Builders 2 Farm building guide

A Dragon Quest Builders 2 Farm will help you complete Tablet Targets and give your animals somewhere to stay.

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 a Farm is one of the many Tablet Targets you'll want to complete to unlock the best tools in the game. Unfortunately, there isn't a Farm listed in our Builderpedia, as it's not in the Dragon Quest 2 room recipes list. That's because it's a combination of rooms, just like a previous Tablet Target: How to build a Restaurant. Here's what you need to build to learn how to make a Farm in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Farm blueprint

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Farm
Here's how to make a Farm in Dragon Quest Builders 2 © Square Enix

This here is the exact layout we used to make a Farm in Dragon Quest Builders 2 to complete the Green Gardens Tablet Target on Isle of Awakening, but we'll explain the game logic for how it decides when you've built a Farm. The room on the left is a Barn, you may remember building one in Furrowfield to satisfy Clayton's urge to put vegetables into a chest. To build a Barn in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you need 1 Chest, 1 Pot, 1 Haystack, 1 Rope , 1 Farming Tools and 1 Firewood. This Barn needs to then be attached to a Paddock, which is one of the outdoor rooms that only requires a 1-block-high fence around it and a gate.

To build a Paddock in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you need only three things: 1 Haystack, 1 Wooden Gate (letting you into the Paddock from outside the fence), and 5 Wheatgrass. You can find Wheatgrass on the second Explorer's Shores material island, Blossom Bay. Just plant 5 Wheatgrass seeds wherever you want inside the Paddock (in good Earth) and you'll complete the room when the grass sprouts from the mound.

These two rooms, the Barn and the Paddock, only need to share a joining wall and have a door between them, so building your Paddock in front of your Barn's original door is the perfect solution to build a Farm in Dragon Quest Builders 2. If you need any more help with Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes, we've got them all so feel free to bookmark us.


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