How to get Trials in Dauntless

What you need to do to get Trials and earn Marks in Dauntless.

A key component to the Fortune and Glory update in Dauntless are Trials. Acting like weekly challenges, players can complete Trials and earn a new form of currency called Marks. Using Marks, you can visit Lady Luck’s shop and purchase exclusive cosmetic items. Of course, to earn enough Marks to buy the gear you want, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the process of accepting new Trials. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how you can get Trials in Dauntless.

How to get Trials in Dauntless

How to get Trials from Lady Luck in Dauntless.
To get Trials in Dauntless, you'll need to speak with Janek Zai about Lady Luck.
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Trials are a new feature in Dauntless added through the Fortune and Glory update. Trials act like weekly challenges, and you can earn a special form of currency called “Marks” as you complete them. To get Trials for the first time in Dauntless, you’ll need to pay a visit to Janek Zai in Ramsgate. Note that Trials aren’t available to new players.

Instead, you’ll need to prove yourself worthy in Dauntless by reaching at least Shrowd and Rezakiri in the game. If you’ve hit this benchmark, or find yourself beyond it, seek out Janek Zai at Ramsgate. In speaking with Janek Zai, you’ll learn about the elusive Lady Luck. This will segue into you speaking with her directly about Trials.

Having a hard time finding her? We were able to chat with her near the leaderboard area adjacent to the Wall of Champions. Complete the introduction to Lady Luck and you’ll have access to Trials via your Quests section. You can complete all of the ones available to you, or pick and choose the ones you like, it’s entirely up to you.

You’ll get new Trials to complete each week and can earn Marks by completing Trials successfully. Marks can be spent at Lady Luck’s shop in exchange for cosmetics as long as Lady Luck’s shop is open. Note that you can’t spend Marks anywhere else in Dauntless.

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