How to craft Bait in No Man's Sky

Grab an animal companion by learning how to craft Bait in No Man's Sky Beyond.

No Man’s Sky Beyond adds plenty of new features, but when one of them is the chance to tame and ride alien animals, well, everything else just seems to fall by the wayside. If you want to ride your own giant snail or dinosaur mutant, you’ll first need to learn how to craft Bait in No Man’s Sky. Thankfully, this guide will teach you exactly that!

How to craft Bait in No Man’s Sky

How to craft Bait in No Man's Sky
Learning how to craft Bait will let you tame and ride many animals in No Man's Sky. © Hello Games

If you’re looking to tame a strange alien beast, Creature Pellets are only going to get you so far. Every creature in No Man’s Sky Beyond likes a certain type of Bait that you’ll need to make and use. The bad news is there are an enormous number of different Baits you can craft. The good news? You can easily find out what the creature you’re after wants.

To learn the Bait you need for any creature, all you need to do it scan and analyze it. The first time you do this, a message will indicate which bait that creature is after. Thankfully, you don’t need to remember this as it’ll also create a Catalogue entry. To check the bait for any creature you’ve scanned, pause the game and open the Catalogue tab. Head to the Cooking Products and you’ll find the bait you’re after. Any time you want to craft Bait in No Man’s Sky, this is where you want to check.

To reiterate the steps required are as follows:

  • Analyze the creature you want to tame
  • Pause the game and open the Catalogue
  • Find the recipe for Bait in the Cooking Products section
  • Collect the ingredients and craft your bait.

You should now know how to craft Bait in No Man’s Sky, which means you’re ready to start taming animals and riding around for laugh. Want more new stuff from the Beyond update? Here’s how to find the Space Anomaly and access the Nexus. Check the full patch notes for the Beyond update to see everything else that was added to No Man’s Sky!

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