How to unlock co-op multiplayer in Astral Chain

The steps needed to unlock and setup co-op multiplayer in Astral Chain.

One of the many exciting features in Astral Chain is the ability to unlock co-op multiplayer. Given the game’s presence on Nintendo Switch, as long as you have two Joy-Cons available, you’re able to quickly jump in and out of co-op multiplayer. Confused? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ll walk you through the process of unlocking co-op multiplayer in Astral Chain!

How to unlock co-op multiplayer in Astral Chain

How to unlock co-op multiplayer in Astral Chain
To unlock and setup co-op multiplayer, you'll need to reach a time stop, open your menu, then select "begin co-op play" in Astral Chain. From there, pair your Joy-Cons and you're ready to go!
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To unlock co-op multiplayer in Astral Chain, all you’ll need are two working Joy-Cons. In Astral Chain, co-op multiplayer can be setup during any time stop. At a time stop, simply tap the - (minus) button to open your in-game menu. In the menu, cycle through the tab options until you find the co-op multiplayer section. There, you’ll want to select “begin co-op play” and then pair your controllers.

To pair your controllers for co-op, simply tap the L and R buttons and keep an eye on the screen to track when your controllers have successfully paired. To end your co-op multiplayer session, the person controlling the main character will need to tap the - (minus) button to launch the menu. Again, cycle through the tabs until you find the co-op section, then opt to “end co-op play” and your session will conclude.

Co-op multiplayer works differently than some would expect. First, when playing co-op multiplayer, one player controls the Legion while the other controls the main character. To keep a sense of connection, both characters are connected by a chain. Addressing this in an interview with Kotaku, Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura explained:

“You may have noticed that the characters are connected by a chain. That’s not to say that I have a thing for chains or anything, but when you’re controlling two characters, that chain allows you to see where the other character is in relation to the one that you’re controlling.” He also noted in that interview that playing co-op multiplayer makes Astral Chain a bit more challenging.

Summarizing the co-op process, Taura stated: “When the Joy-Cons are removed, the controls for the cop will be on one Joy-Con, with the controls for the Legion on the other. In this way, and only in this way, the game’s dual combat sequences can be played with two people instead of just one.”

Now that you know how to unlock and setup co-op multiplayer in Astral Chain, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including how long Astral Chain takes to beat, and how to save in Astral Chain.

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