World first level 60 WoW Classic player tries to delete character, is foiled

Twitch streamer JokerdTV became the first level 60 WoW Classic player and immediately tried to delete his character.

The world first level 60 WoW Classic player has been crowned, as Twitch streamer JokerDTV achieved the feat less than four days after the game's launch.

JokerDTV amassed more than 200,000 viewers as he achieved the level cap of the original World of Warcraft, which was re-released after 15 years on Tuesday.

The streamer then attempted to log out and delete his character, an Alliance bald gnome, but was prevented by two pieces of mail still in his inbox.

While logging in to delete the messages, allowing him to delete the account, Twitch chat and other members of the server then conspired to prevent him by flooding his inbox with more mail.

He eventually had to concede defeat and left to go get some sleep after what must have been a gruelling ordeal. JokerDTV has previously achieved world first level cap characters in other MMOs, including Elysium Project in April of this year.

During the celebration, Joker took a victory march through the server as other players joined him. Many spammed the chat with memes, before realizing he was attempting to delete the character.

At which point they engaged full-troll behavior and spammed his inbox instead. Thankfully there's enough mail in there now that it will probably take him too long to bother to go through and delete them all, before nuking the legendary character.


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