The Voidwalker Event challenges and skin in Apex Legends

Learn how to grab the shiny new Voidwalker skin and what you need to do for all the Voidwalker Event challenges in Apex Legends' Wraith-themed takeover.

The latest event to arrive in Apex Legends focuses on the dimension-hopping voidwalker herself, Wraith. Yes, the Voidwalker Event is now here for Apex Legends and brings with it unique challenges and skins for players to earn. This time round, things will be working a little differently to the Octane’s Gauntlet event. Want to get involved? We’ve got the details below for how to get the Voidwalker skin and complete the Voidwalker Event Challenges in Apex Legends

How to complete the Voidwalker Event challenges

The Voidwalker Event will be running for two weeks from September 3-17. It’s tied into Wraith’s past and brings a new Limited Time Mode called Armed and Dangerous into the mix. Choose to play this and you’ll find loot rates have been lowered, with only shotguns and sniper rifles spawning. It’s worth getting to grips with it as plenty of the challenges are tied to the event. 

Speaking of challenges, there are two tiers of Voidwalker Event challenges to complete and, much like the Legendary Hunt event, each challenge comes with its own reward, including badges, crafting materials, a loading screen and more. Here’s everything on offer:

How to complete the Voidwalker Event challenges in Apex Legends
The Voidwalker Event challenges are pretty straightforward in Apex Legends. © Respawn Entertainment

Tier 1 challenges

  • Play Armed and Dangerous
    • Reward: Voidwalker Badge
  • Get 30 Headshots
    • Reward: 30 Crafting Metals
  • Win once in any mode
    • Reward: Wraith loading screen
  • Complete 7 Daily Challenges during the event
    • Reward: Paint the Planet G7 Scout Weapon Skin

Tier 2 Challenges

  • Win 5 Armed and Dangerous matches
    • Reward: Armed and Dangerous Badge
  • Get 60 more headshots
    • Reward: 30 Crafting Metals
  • Win once as 3 different characters in any more
    • Reward: Wraith Music Pack
  • Complete 14 more Daily Challenges
    • Reward: Outside the Lines G7 Scout Weapon Skin

Completing the Tier 1 Challenge will open up the corresponding Tier 2 Challenge for the same slot, so you won't be able to jump straight to the tougher ones right out of the gate. You’ll need to work on your Daily Challenges too if you’re hoping to complete them all.

How to get the Voidwalker skin

The Voidwalker skin isn’t tied directly to the event challenges. Instead, it’ll be available to purchase directly for a reduced price for the duration of the event. Several special items will be available during the two weeks as outlined below:

Sep 3-10

  • Wraith Voidwalker skin: 1800 Apex Coins
  • RE-45 Gnarly skin: 500 Apex Coins
  • Lifeline Blossom skin: 500 Apex Coins
  • Gibraltar Hardline skin: 500 Apex Coins

Sep 10-17

  • Wraith Voidwalker skin: 1800 Apex Coins
  • Wraith Void Shadow frame: 1000 Apex Coins
  • Prowler Night Light skin: 500 Apex Coins
  • Bangalore Counter-Culture skin: 500 Apex Coins
How to get the Voidwalker skin in Apex Legends
The Voidwalker skin can be purchased directly during the event in Apex Legends. © Respawn Entertainment.

If you want to grab the complete Voidwalker set, you’ll need to wait until September 10 when the Void Shadow frame becomes available as well.

That’s all there is to know regarding the Voidwalker Event and skin for Apex Legends. The challenges are pretty straightforward, so get out there and get to work in King’s Canyon! For more Apex Legends guides, tips and tricks, be sure to check out our hub for the game.

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