Keyboard Keyswitch Highlight: Kailh Silver Speed

Learn more about the Kailh Silver Speed Keyboard Keyswitch.

The Benefits of Choosing the Kailh Silver Speed Keyswitch

When it comes to gaming, consistency and response time from your gear can mean the difference between life and death, victory and defeat. The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB keyboard incorporates Kailh Silver Speed keyswitches to make sure your inputs aren't missed and are registered as quickly as possible

Kailh has been developing keyswitches since the early 2000s and has established itself as a premium keyswitch manufacturer. Much like the CHERRY MX keyswitches offered in other HyperX Alloy keyboards, Kailh keyswitches are named after the color of their stems and have differences in actuation force and speed.

Kailh Silver Speed

The Kailh Silver Speed is one of the most responsive keyswitches on the market. A linear-style keyswitch, the Silver Speed has an extremely small actuation distance of 1.1mm, and an actuation force of 40g, all of which means it'll respond rapidly to extremely light presses, so you'll feel less repetitive wear when you're using them compared to other mechanical keyboards. If you want to make sure your inputs are registered without a lengthy push of the keys, the Kailh Silver Speed is the keyswitch for you. Extremely sensitive keys do come with a tradeoff when it comes to traditional typing, as you may find yourself accidentally pressing keys until you get used to the force. Gamers who aren't looking to write essays any time soon and are primarily looking for responsive a responsive gaming keyboard will find little else out there that better suits their needs like the Kailh Silver Speed keyswitches. They're rated for over 70 million keypresses, you won't need to worry about them breaking down when you're hammering keys to land those perfect bunnyhops or trigger your cooldowns.

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