Charging PS4 Controllers With a Charging Dock

Make it easier to charge your PS4 controllers by using the ChargepPlay Duo. Find out how!

There’s nothing worse than getting to that crucial final battle and being let down by your battery running dry. While it’s nice to be free of our wired tethers and not having to sit, cross-legged on the floor a few feet from the TV, the wireless DualShock®4 controller still has its limits. Well, fret no longer about whether your DualShock®4 wireless controllers will survive this next boss encounter. The ChargePlay Duo is here to solve all of your charging problems.

The ChargePlay Duo is a charging dock designed to keep your DualShock®4 wireless controllers charged when you aren’t using them. No more fiddling with mini USB cables and leaving your PS4™ turned on to make sure you’re ready for the next play session. Just slide two DualShock®4 wireless controllers onto the ChargePlay Duo dock, back-to-back, when you’re done for the night and pick up where you left off the next day.

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ChargePlay Duo.

Our DualShock®4 wireless controller charging dock improves over most others on the market by not requiring you to plug in any bulky USB induction charging adaptors that can get in the way of a comfortable, relaxed grip. Your DualShock®4 wireless controllers are charged via the EXT port, on the bottom by the headphone jack, letting them rest in a natural upright position on the dock. This means the dock can be even smaller, taking up even less of your shelf space and serving as an elegant display for your more colorful DualShock designs.

Built into the dock are two 3-level battery indicator displays to let you know which pad has the most juice for your next mammoth multiplayer session. The indicator blends in with the dock’s sleek, black finish when not illuminated to keep all the focus on the tools of your trade. And with a weighted base and secure, click-in charging dock design, you don’t need to worry about your DualShock®4 wireless controllers failing to charge or taking a tumble if you bump the desk. They take enough of a beating during Bloodborne boss rushes anyway.

Make sure you’re never caught short in the middle of things with a low battery on your DualShock®4 wireless controllers. Add the ChargePlay Duo charging dock to your PlayStation®4 f accessories collection, and keep your DualShock®4 wireless controllers powered up and ready to play. Visit the ChargePlay Duo product page for further details.

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