Enjoy this officially unofficial Sayonara Wild Hearts soundtrack before release

Carly Rez Jepsen.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is only a few days away so celebrate by listening to this officially unofficial soundtrack for the upcoming rhythm game.

Update: There is now an officially official soundtrack which you can find on multiple streaming services including Spotify.

Simogo's poptastic adventure begins on September 19 when Sayonara Wild Hearts releases for PS4, Nintendo Switch and the recently revealed Apple Arcade.

The game is about heartbreak and relationships and riding motorcycles through neon-soaked streets and it's all accompanied by deliciously sweet pop tunes, composed and designed by Daniel Olsén. You might recognize bits of his work from other Simogo games, like the amazing detective narrative DEVICE 6, or the spooky Year Walk.

Daniel has put out there, for everyone to hear, a Spotify playlist full of tunes that inspired the look, feel and sound of the game. Calling it the Sayonara Wild Hearts Inofficial Soundtrack. Throughout the game's development, Simogo have been listening to these tunes and creating what appeared to us at PAX to be an incredibly fun experience.

So if you're looking forward to it as well then you can listen to these tunes and hope the days shorten as we approach Sayonara Wild Hearts' release date of September 19.


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