Want to Start Recording ASMR? We've Got You Covered

Getting the right mic is essential when it comes to making popular ASMR Videos.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, refers to the mildly euphoric tingling sensation experienced by many when listening to specific auditory stimuli. Some ASMR listeners simply enjoy the sensation, while others find it the perfect tool to help relax and drift off to sleep. It’s a phenomenon that’s gained a fascinating degree of traction over the last few years, with ASMR videos and channels popping up across all forms of social media.

If you’re looking to start producing ASMR videos or podcasts, it’s important that you understand the common triggers behind the experience, and that you have the right tech for the job. Even if you’re recording the perfect sounds, it simply won’t work if you don’t have a high-quality microphone. The HyperX QuadCast is the perfect ASMR microphone to be the core of your setup. To show you why, we’ll take you through some of the top ASMR auditory triggers you might want to record, and show you why the QuadCast USB microphone is the perfect purchase for your ASMR setup.


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Whispering into the QuadCast microphone.

The most common form of ASMR recording involves gentle whispering. The aim here is to replicate the effect of someone speaking directly into the listener’s ears, and for that reason it’s crucial your microphone offers a wide dynamic range to pick up those delicate whispers in addition to your normal voice. The QuadCast provides a sensitivity of -36dB (1V/Pa at 1kHz) over a 20Hz-20kHz range and allows for easy adjustment of gain control on the fly through a simple twist of the adjustment dial the base. The QuadCast makes it simple to easily fine-tune your sound for the perfect ASMR microphone recordings.


Many ASMR recordings intend to simulate the experience of a trip to the barber, dentist, or doctor, with the speaker moving close to and away from the mic as well as shifting from ear to ear. While the Stereo polar pattern is selected, the QuadCast will record the sound as a binaural image, which is great for these situations. The QuadCast USB microphone also supports Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Bidirectional polar patterns, giving to the ability to record sound to best fit whatever content you want to fully immerse listeners in.


If ASMR has taught us anything, it has certainly driven home the point that one person’s horror is another’s pleasure. While many of us find the sounds of someone chewing food off-putting, even to the point of setting off misophonia, it’s also been noted as a pleasurable ASMR trigger for plenty of others. Eating food close to a microphone may not sound like an easy arrangement, but the QuadCast comes with an included mic mount adaptor included so you can attach your mic to a boom arm and position it however you need, no matter what you’re trying to record. The three meters of cable means you won’t have to worry about cable length when establishing an ASMR microphone setup at your desk or anywhere in the room with your computer.

Delicate Sounds

Many ASMR triggers involve the repetition of incredibly delicate noises such as the turning pages of a book or the crinkling of foil. Association with relaxing environments or activities allows listeners to enhance their enjoyment, provided they can make out the finer details of the sounds in question. To ensure your audience has the optimal experience, the QuadCast provides a high sample rate of 48kHz/16-bit, putting your ASMR microphone on par with professional recording standards.


To trigger ASMR, listeners need to be able to key in on specific sounds, concentrating their focus on them and only them. Whatever the type of ASMR experience you’re trying to create, it’s crucial that your recordings are crisp, clear, and come without background distractions. The QuadCast comes with a built-in anti-vibration shock mount that keeps the microphone suspended and stable with elastic ropes, meaning you don’t need to worry about ruining that perfect recording with an accidental table jostle.

In short, the QuadCast is the perfect ASMR microphone from which to build your recording setup around, no matter your choice of recording. Naturally, the versatility of the QuadCast also makes it ideal for many other types of recording. Find out more about the QuadCast by visiting its page on the HyperX Gaming website today. Want to learn more about ASMR? There are plenty of resources of there detailing common recording types and the various stimuli for the effect. Try some out on yourself to find what works for you before you start recording for others.

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