Ikumi Nakumura teases Okami sequel

Okami fans rejoice as Ikumi Nakumura remarks on how she wants to make a sequel with director Hideki Kamiya.

On Twitter, Ikumi Nakamura teased a possible Okami sequel in the presence of director Hideki Kamiya. The tweet quickly garnered a wave of attention, with fans swooning over the idea that an official follow-up to Okami might be possible. After all, nearly 14 years have passed since its release in 2006. The only question now is whether this Okami sequel will actually happen. 

Ikumi Nakamura teases Okami sequel

Ikumi Nakamura teases Okami sequel
We may be getting a sequel to Okami thanks to a new tweet from Ikumi Nakamura and director Hideki Kamiya.
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Earlier this week, a financial report from Capcom revealed plans to revive “dormant IPs” in the future. While no titles were specifically mentioned, many assumed we’d see a new Darkstalkers or Dino Crisis remake. The news that we may be getting an Okami sequel came out of left field, and has left gamers (ourselves included) excited at the possibilities.

Note that nothing has been explicitly confirmed given that all we have to go on is the tweet from Ikumi Nakamura along with a thumbs-up from Okami director Hideki Kamiya. The tweet also tags tags Capcom directly, and almost feels as though it’s asking the company to approve the idea.

“Okami is going to be back! We want to make Okami sequel and fans are looking forward to it too. You guys want to see Kamiya’s Okami again, right, everyone? I want to work on it too!” The tweet ends with, “We want to make Okami again!” in Japanese.

Ikumi followed her original tweet with a reply that elaborates on why she wants to work on an Okami sequel with Hideki Kamiya.

“I want to simply see great games and games that gamers want to play be developed. I don’t understand budgets and politics. I just want to continue to be a creator that can say that great things are great. #Okami is one of those that have the power to overcome all of that.”

With Capcom planning to revive dormant IPs, Okami could very well end up being one of them. We’re excited at the idea, especially with Ikumi Nakamura potentially joining Hideki Kamiya. What are your thoughts? Are you excited at the premise of an Okami sequel? Comment below, and stay tuned as we’ll be posting updates as soon as they’re available!

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