Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2019

Worrying over what to buy the Nintendo lover in your life? Our Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2019 is here to help!

Can you hear the bells ringing? No, it’s not Mario’s cat suit upgrade, it’s the distant sound of the approaching holidays. A marvellous time of year, we’re sure you’ll agree, but if you’re not sure what to buy as a gift, things can get a touch more tricky. If there’s a Nintendo fan in your life that you want to treat this holiday, we can help you find the perfect present with our Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2019.

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Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2019

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2019
Now, now, Luigi. Gift shopping isn't that scary! © Nintendo

Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite console bundles

Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2019 Switch bundles and Switch Lite
© Nintendo

A Nintendo Switch makes for a great gift, and with the release of the Switch Lite this year, there are more choices than ever. If you’re looking at buying the core console, you might want to consider picking up the Mario Kart 8 bundle for multiplayer fun, or the Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee bundle for solo players. Last year these bundles dropped to around $299 for Black Friday, so try to avoid paying more than that 

If your giftee already has a Switch, or you think they’d only want the console while on the go, take a look at the Switch Lite instead. There aren’t many bundles around yet, but you do have your choice of gorgeous colors like Yellow, Turquoise and Gray.

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Black Friday 2019 Nintendo Switch console and game deals

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The latest Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo Switch gift guide 2019 latest games pokemon sword shield
© Nintendo

The holidays are looking hot for Nintendo fans, so there’s plenty to pick up if you’re after a gift. Pokemon Sword & Shield is the clear heavy hitter, but don’t underestimate the quality of a game like Luigi’s Mansion 3 or Link’s Awakening. As for which version of Pokemon to buy? We’re leaning towards Sword, personally, but if your loved one likes large dogs with shieldlike faces, be our guest. Can’t decide? Pick up the double pack for the best of both worlds.

Is your chosen giftee a fitness fanatic? Or would you like to see your loved one work out while they game? Ring Fit Adventure is a superb new game/accessory for the Switch which tasks you with battling enemies through exercise! Of course, if you’re buying someone a Switch for the first time, you really, really shouldn’t miss out on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild either.

Games they might have missed

Nintendo Switch Holiday gift guide 2019 games
© Nintendo

If you’re trying to find a game for a longterm Switch owner, there are many excellent choices out there in the world. Here are some recent picks that would make for brilliant gifts - just make sure they don’t already own them first.  Digital releases are trickier, but if you’re buying a Switch for another then you can always surprise them by sneakily pre-installing a quality title like Untitled Goose Game before you present the console! Want a cheaper purchase? Overcooked 2 is a great older game for anyone who plays with friends. It’s had plenty of extra content added since release, so feel free to throw in the DLC as well.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, controllers and accessories

Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide 2019 controller
© PowerA

The Switch is a superb console, but hot dang are those Joy-Cons expensive. If you know a Switch owner who enjoys a spot of multiplayer, do them a favor and pick up some entertainingly colored Joy-Cons to pad out their collection. If your gift target has a more competitively focused mind, you should also consider the excellent Switch Pro controller. There are plenty of quality third-party choices on offer as well, including this gorgeous Breath of the Wild design by PowerA

Nintendo Switch Holiday guide chargeplay quad
© HyperX

With extra Joy-Cons in the pocket, you’ll need to make sure you can keep those batteries topped up as well. Thankfully the HyperX Chargeplay Quad can take up to four controllers at once! Neat.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2019 accessories case

The Switch is great for handheld play, and if you know someone who’s picked up a Switch Lite then they’ll definitely want a case to carry it in. HORI have some wonderful aluminium designs themed around Mario or Zelda that’ll keep your console safe while on the go.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Accessories 2019 Amiibo
© Nintendo

And for a small little treat, who could forget Amiibo! The Link’s Awakening Amiibo is by far the most adorable new addition to Nintendo’s collection of figures and should put a smile on any Nintendo fan’s face. If your target is more into Super Smash Bros. or Pokemon, consider the new Ivysaur and Squirtle Amiibos instead. Still not content? Come November 15, you'll also have the chance to grab Fire Emblem's Chrom, Pokemon's Incineroar or Castlevania's Simon Amiibos as well!

Nintendo Switch earbuds and headsets

Nintendo Switch gift guide 2019 earbuds headphones
© HyperX

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are great for public transport, but you can’t always get away with blaring out the Pokemon battle theme during a commute. To save your gift recipient some embarrassment, grab them a pair of HyperX Cloud Earbuds so they can enjoy those gaming tunes on the move. After something beefier? ASTRO also offers a shiny Zelda-themed A10 headset that won’t push your budget too far.

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