Nintendo Switch accessories holiday gift guide 2019

Whether you're buying for a Mario maniac or Zelda zealot, we've got the best Nintendo Switch accessories to buy this holiday season.

The holidays are coming - run for the hills! Wait, what do you mean the holidays are a good thing? A chance to give gifts to friends, family and loved ones you say? Well, that sounds downright pleasant. As it happens, we’ve even got a list right here of quality Nintendo Switch accessories that could even bring a smile to Bowser’s grumpy mug. Let’s get cracking with our Nintendo Switch accessories holiday gift guide 2019.

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Nintendo Switch accessories holiday gift guide 2019

If you’re after a general Nintendo Switch gift guide including bundles, games and more, click here! In this guide we’ll be handpicking some of our favorite Nintendo Switch accessories to bring glee to any game lover.

Black Friday 2019 Nintendo Switch accessories

We'll start things off by rounding up the best Black Friday 2019 deals we've spotted for Nintendo Switch accessories so you can get straight to the deals. For our personal recommendations, keep on scrolling. For controllers on other platforms like PS4 and Xbox One, click here.

Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo surprised everyone recently with the announcement and swift release of their fitness accessory for the Switch. Even more surprising was just how good Ring Fit Adventure turned out to be! The Ring-Con accessory feels strange at first, but after a brief introduction it works shockingly well as an exercise tool. Better yet, the adventure theme and plethora of inventive minigames make it easy to forget just how much you’ve even been working out. Grab it from Amazon here.

Link’s Awakening Amiibo

The best holiday gifts for Nintendo Switch Accessories
© Nintendo

We’re big fans of Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines, and the new model based on The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is one of the best they’ve ever released. As well as being utterly adorable, it also has some handy in-game functionality, letting the user spawn Shadow Link in any custom dungeons they create. If you know a Zelda fan or anyone who owns Link’s Awakening, this little fella is a cracking choice. Pick it up from Amazon here. Interested in a different character? Nintendo is also offering Fire Emblem's Chrom, Pokemon's Incineroar and Castlevania's Simon this holiday season. 

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

If you're buying for kids, the Nintendo Labo kits are a great choice of present. Spending money a box of cardboard feels odd, but the entertaining hands-on construction serves to make the resulting video games all that more gratifying. In short, it's a great way to spend several hours bonding with your child. We rather enjoyed the Vehicle Kit in our review last year, describing it as "an incredibly family friendly experience" from start to finish. A year on we expect some decent discounts as we head into the holiday season, so keep an eye on the Amazon page for it by clicking here.

HyperX Chargeplay Quad

The best Nintendo Switch accessories holiday
© HyperX

It’s handy being able to separate the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers for Mario Party, Labo or even a good Ring Fit session, but reattaching them to the console each time you need to refill the batteries is a bit of a pain, especially given you can only charge two at once. If your gift recipient has picked up an extra pair of Joy-Cons, grabbing them a HyperX ChargePlay Quad will let them keep all of their batteries topped up at once, without the hassle of clipping them onto the console. Here’s the Amazon link.

HORI Mario Nintendo Switch case

Nintendo Switch Accessories guide 2019 HORI

When it comes to a Switch or Switch Lite, a case is a crucial accessory. To protect the controllers and that lovely screen, give the gift of a sturdy carry case that’ll not only keep a Switch safe, but also look snappy while it’s at it. HORI produce aluminium cases themed on Nintendo characters like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon that are sure to please a Nintendo lover. Find one on Amazon by clicking here.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

Nintendo Switch accessory gift guide 2019
© HyperX

Fire Emblem, Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, there’s a deluge of games with cracking soundtracks on Nintendo Switch. Make sure your giftee can enjoy them even on the go by wrapping up a comfortable set of earbuds. HyperX’s Cloud Earbuds will bring out the best of the music without the need for a hefty headset, perfect for the gaming commuter. Click here for the Amazon link.

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