How to get the Every Waking Moment SMG in Destiny 2

Even Lunar-tics could follow this simple guide to earning the Every Waking Moment SMG

Moon Pie, there’s really is nothing more delicious. So while you’re up on that old cheesy rock in Destiny 2, you ought to get a slice of goodness with the Every Waking Moment SMG. Thankfully, we can help. Interested in adding to your moon pantry? Read on to learn how to get the Every Waking Moment SMG in Destiny 2

How to get the Every Waking Moment SMG in Destiny 2

How to get the Every Waking Moment SMG in Destiny 2
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If you want to get the Every Waking Moment SMG while out moon hopping, you’ll need to complete the Essence of Obscurity quest. As with many of the other moon weapons, you need to use the Lectern of Enchantment to purify Lunar Essences if you want to add Every Waking Moment to your collection. Golly, if you read a sentence like that about any other game than Destiny, you’d really struggle not to laugh. In Bungie’s often bonkers shooter, purifying of course means completing certain challenges which we’ve listed below:

  • Kill 50 enemies with an SMG.
  • Complete 50 activities on the moon (Patrols, Lost Sectors and Public Events all count).
  • Collect the Withered Plumes from the Circle of Bones.

The first two of those tasks are pretty simple and just a case of grinding, but the last one may need some work if you’ve not found them before

Where to find Withered Plumes

Where to find Withered Plumes in Destiny 2
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Thanks to our friends at Prima for use of their map image!

To get the Withered Plumes in Destiny 2, you’ll need to travel to the Circle of Bones in Hellmouth. Enter the path on the right side and follow this until you make it to the Gatehouse. Keep going straight ahead here and you’ll enter a room lit by a mysterious green light. Take the door on the right and follow the route until you run into a collection of Hive enemies. 

After you take out the pesky enemies here, you’ll see a door lit by green lighting on the left (relative to where you came from), so enter that to travel through the Circle of Bones. Once you’re past the caves, take the path on your right and keep going until you reach a dead end. It’s here you’ll find the Withered Plumes waiting to be collected. 

Once you’ve got the Withered Plumes on your person and have completed the other Moon challenges, return to the Lectern of Enchantment and grab yourself a weapon. You’re free to roll this quest as many times as you want to get the stats you’re after, and you won’t even have to hunt down those pesky Plumes again. 

Hopefully by reading this guide you now know how to get the Every Waking Moment SMG in Destiny 2. Good luck on your journey there! Be sure to have a look at the rest of the Destiny 2 guides we have available for more lunar tips and tricks.

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