Death Stranding launch trailer gives one last chance to work out what's happening

Death Stranding's launch trailer features a few more out of context scenes to piece together the story.

The Death Stranding launch trailer has arrived with just over a week until the game's release, so this is your last chance to form wild theories about what's happening.

The trailer itself features some more scenes we've not yet been privvy to, giving you a fighting chance of working out the entire story before the game releases on November 8.

For those who have been steadfastly closing their eyes and ears whenever Kojima tweets more morsels and tidbits about the Fed Ex-simulator set in a fractured US wasteland, you might not want to watch this and go in cold.

But the thrill for many of the fans at the moment seems to be gleaning as much relevant information from snippets shown in these trailers, so if you want to go full Pepe Silva and get some more red string up on your corkboard then we're not going to stop you.

Death Stranding will release on PS4 this November 8, however a PC release has been confirmed for sometime in the early summer next year so if you want to wait for Norman Reedus peeing in true 4K and all the inevitable mods to do with Mads Mikkelsen then you won't have too long to wait.

What did you think of the Death Stranding launch trailer? Did you watch or are you trying to go in cold? Good luck with the next week or so!


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