How to store items on your ship in The Outer Worlds

The Unreliable is a means of travel, but can also be used to store items away for later use in The Outer Worlds.

As you explore The Outer Worlds, you’ll pick up weapons and items that you’ll want to store on your ship for later use. For example, if you pick up a weapon but don’t have the stats to equip and use it, you can store it and come back to it later after you level up. Of course, the question remains… how do you store items on your ship in The Outer Worlds?

How to store items on your ship in The Outer Worlds

How to store items on your ship in The Outer Worlds
Complete the Come Now the Power mission to unlock Hawthorne's quarters and store items on The Unreliable in The Outer Worlds.
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  • Complete the Come Now the Power mission in The Outer Worlds by diverting power to Edgewater or Botanical Gardens.
  • Retrieve the Power Regulator and install it inside The Unreliable.
  • Speak with ADA, then make your way up the stairs to Alex Hawthorne's quarters, which should now be open.
  • Inside, look to the left of Hawthorne's bed and you'll see a yellow container. You can store unlimited items here.

To store items on your ship, The Unreliable, you’ll need to progress in The Outer Worlds until you’re able to unlock Alex Hawthorne’s sleeping quarters. To do this, you’ll need to complete the second main mission, Come Now the Power, that tasks you with diverting power to either Edgewater or Botanical Gardens.

Struggling to decide who deserves power more? We have a guide that explains who you should divert the power to and why. With that done, you’re free to install the Power Regulator in The Unreliable and travel to new locations, like the Groundbreaker. If you’re encumbered with items after your adventure around Edgewater, you can now head up the stairs and enter Hawthorne’s quarters.

Note that the stairs will be on your right as you exit ADA’s control room. The first door you encounter at the top of the stairs leads to Hawthorne’s quarters. This room is now yours, and everything within the room is yours to take or use including the Holographic Shroud. As you explore the room, you’ll notice a large yellow container to the left of Hawthorne’s bed that you can interact with and use to store items.

Anything you put in this container will be safe, letting you return to it later, and storage is unlimited so feel free to dump as much in there as you like!

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