Terry Bogard moveset in Smash Ultimate

The Hungry Wolf Terry Bogard is now in Smash Ultimate. Want to learn how to master his Super Special moves? Check out our full moveset for Terry!

The Neo Geo is back, baby! Well, not quite, but Terry Bogard has joined the roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. No, it’s not a reskin of Ken, this old-school fighter has a long history to his name and a complete set of moves to go with it. Want to master the hungry wolf? Not a problem, as we’ve got the full breakdown of Terry Bogard’s moveset in Smash Ultimate.

Terry Bogard moveset in Smash Ultimate

Terry Bogard moveset in Smash Ultimate

Like other DLC characters, Terry Bogard changes up the rules in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Terry breaks the traditional Smash rules once more by taking some queues from his original games. Like Ryu and Ken he will always face his opponent, but he’s slower in attack speed and includes more unique attacks. He’s the only character in the game to include a dodge attack, backwards specials and super special moves. Additionally, Terry is capable of cancelling his specials, performing them faster than usual. Read all about them below with the full Terry Bogard moveset.

Dash, Jab and Tilt attacks

Terry Bogard Dodge Attack move
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Dash Attack - Power Charge: Terry bursts forward a short distance, knocking opponents upwards with his shoulder.

Neutral (Jab): A three-hit string of jab, body blow and high kick.

Forward Tilt - Middle Kick: Terry quickly kicks in front of him.

Up Tilt - Rising Upper: Terry swings a close fist upwards in front of him in a hefty blow.

Down Tilt - Under Kick: Terry rapidly kicks out at ground level.

Dodge attack: A unique move. Terry can press the attack button after spot dodging to immediately counterattack with an upward swing. His top half is invincible during the attack.

Smash Attacks

Terry Bogard Smash Attacks Smash Ultimate moveset
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Forward Smash - Backspin Kick: Terry swings a lengthy inverted roundhouse kick at chest height, moving him forward.

Up Smash - Wild Upper: Terry crouches and performs a powerful uppercut punch.

Down Smash - Slide Kick: Terry lowers himself and kicks one foot forward at a medium height.

Aerial attacks

Neutral Air - Chop: Terry swipes a swift hand down close in front of him.

Forward Air - Jump Kick: Terry Kicks a foot diagonally downward.

Back Air - Jump Backward Kick: What it says on the tin, a stronger kick behind.

Up Air - Somersault Kick: Terry flips over, kicking forward to back over his head.

Down Air - Jump Karate Punch: Terry punches downwards in a strong strike. Spikes just like Ryu’s.

Special attacks (B moves)

Terry Bogard Special moves Smash Ultimate
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Neutral B - Power Wave: Terry launches a flaming wave along the ground. Tap to launch a slow-travelling, weak version, or hold to release a stronger, faster-moving attack. In the air it spits fire a short distance in front of Terry.

Terry Bogard all special moves Smash Bros Ultimate
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Forward B - Burning Knuckle: After a brief pause, Terry lunges forward with one fist. Tap for a short, weaker version, or hold for a longer, strong version. Like Ryu and Ken’s Hadouken, you can perform this move with a quarter circle forward motion (down to forwards) followed by A or B. This makes the move stronger.

Crack Shoot Special Move Terry Bogard Smash Ultimate
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Backwards B - Crack Shoot: Terry flips forward with an overhead kick. The two strengths (tap or hold) change how far Terry travels forward. Can be made stronger with the command input of a reverse quarter circle (down to backwards). Can be used to help recover from off the stage.

Smash Bros Ultimate Terry Bogard B moves
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Upwards B -  Rising Tackle: Terry spins upwards, feet first, flailing his arms either side. The two strengths (tap and hold) change the height reached. If you hold down (while on the ground) before using it, Terry will flash and gain invincibility during the start of the move. Can be used after Burning Knuckle or Crack Shoot in the air.

Terry Bogard Power Dunk special moves
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Down B - Power Dunk: Terry launches forward into the air then slams down diagonally with a flaming fist. Has a command input of forward, down and down-forward (shoryuken input) to increase the strength. Using the command input makes Terry invincible at the start of the move.

Super Special Moves

Once Terry reaches 100% damage (or less than 30% health in Stamina mode) he’ll gain access to his Super Special Moves. You can tell he has access thanks to the GO message over his stock icon. These can be used any number of times

Terry Bogard Super Special Moves
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Power Geyser: Terry slams the ground to his side, creating a powerful geyser of energy. This can be fired left or right by holding the analogue stick in the chosen direction after activating it. This move can only be activated with the command input down, down-back, back, down-back, forward, then A or B. If you’re not a fighting game stalwart, this might prove tricky, so be sure to practise! Simplified command input: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, A or B.

Terry Bogard Super Special Move buster Wolf
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Buster Wolf: Terry lunges forward with a kick then slams any opponent caught by it into the air with a forward strike. The command input is down to forward twice (two hadouken motions) then A or B. Simplified command input: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, A or B.

Cancelled specials

Like Ryu and Ken, Terry can cancel some of his standard moves into specials if you perform the input quickly. As an example, Terry can perform the first two hits of his jab string, then cancel them into his Power Dunk for a stronger finish. You need to input the moves quickly, so practising the timing is key.

Final Smash: Triple Geyser

Terry Bogard Final Smash Triple Geyser Smash Ultimate
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Terry smashes the ground, firing three geysers of energy forward. If they hit an opponent, Terry will leap into the air, dunking them and then punching with Power Dunk and Buster Wolf in a cutscene.

That’s the full Terry Bogard moveset, so get into the training room or online to get practising with Smash Ultimate’s latest DLC fighter. What do you make of Terry? Think he’ll place well on a tier list? Let us know in the comments below.

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