Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sakurai's daily Smash Ultimate image posts to end this month

Picture that.


Panda Cup is the first NA Smash Bros. circuit officially licensed by Nintendo

But Nintendo won't sponsor the prize pool.

Smash Ultimate 13.0.1 patch brings final balance changes

Buffs and nerfs abound in Smash Ultimate's final balance patch.

ESAM's Smash Ultimate Crash Course tips will give you the right mindset for tournament success

Stay cool while you steal stocks from the opposition.

Smash Ultimate 13.0.0 patch notes bring a wave of buffs

Sora arrives alongside several key adjustments in the Smash Ultimate 13.0.0 patch notes.

Every Smash Ultimate DLC character reveal, ranked

Sorting the DLC duds from the dignitaries.

Sora moveset in Smash Ultimate

Learn the full Sora moveset list in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so you can prepare for his release.

Sakurai reveals six new amiibo during final Smash Ultimate stream

Surprisingly, Sora was not among them.

Sora is the final Super Smash Bros DLC character

The Kingdom Hearts star completes the roster, while Doom Slayer joins as a Mii Costume.

ThankYouSakurai trends on Twitter ahead of Smash Ultimate's final character reveal

Dreams may be crushed, but we can all appreciate what Sakurai and the Smash Ultimate team have given us.