These games will help determine whether you'll like Death Stranding

Find out whether or not you should purchase a copy of Death Stranding based upon your previous gaming interests.

Out of the mind of Hideo Kojima comes Death Stranding, a game that’s hard to explain and even harder to rank in terms of good and bad. Based on info provided via early reviews, it’s clear that you’ll either like Death Stranding or hate it. When attempting to make a decision as to whether you should purchase the game or not, reviews can also be deceiving.

After all, reviews are based on one person’s opinion, and it can be hard to know if their opinion will align with your own unless you actually play the game. Rather than tell you our thoughts on Death Stranding, we thought it’d be better to list games that Death Stranding reminds us of and go from there. If you like these games, you may like Death Stranding!

These games will help you determine whether you’ll like Death Stranding

If you're already a fan of Hideo Kojima, you'll love Death Stranding. No doubt about it.
If you're already a fan of Hideo Kojima, you'll love Death Stranding. No doubt about it.
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Metal Gear Solid 5, any Hideo Kojima game

Alright, let’s cross this category off the list right away. If you like Metal Gear Solid 5, or any Hideo Kojima game for that matter, you’ll like Death Stranding. Having poured quite a bit of time into the Metal Gear series over the years, we can safely say that Kojima’s style of game development is on prominent display in Death Stranding (as you’d expect).

Yes, the mechanics of Death Stranding are different, with less direct action involved. However, the characters, story, and overall weirdness are all reminiscent of previous Kojima titles. If you like Kojima games, you’ll like Death Stranding. It’s like saying the sky is blue, but it’s worth mentioning just the same.

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