How to save in Shenmue 3

Keep track of your progress in Shenmue 3 by learning to save.

Shenmue 3 is finally available, with many gamers eager to check out the next chapter in Ryo’s story. One thing that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise is that Shenmue 3 is a relatively long game. Because of this, one of the first questions gamers have been asking is how to save. To help, we’ve together a quick guide explaining how to save your progress in Shenmue 3!

How to save in Shenmue 3

How to save in Shenmue 3
You can manually save in Shenmue 3, or rely on the game's auto-save feature to track your progress.
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  • To manually save, open your in-game menu by tapping R1, then select the “Save” option.
  • Shenmue 3 also uses an auto-save feature that triggers after you complete an objective, rest at Shenua’s, and so on.

Saving your progress in Shenmue 3 is simple, and is similar to how you’d save in other action-adventure games. To save, you’ll want to tap R1 on PlayStation 4 to open your menu. From the list of menu options, choose “Save” and your progress will be preserved up to that point.

In addition to the manual save feature in Shenmue 3, there’s an auto-save present that will keep track of the game, even if you forget to manually save. Any time you rest at Shenua’s, or complete an objective, Shenmue 3 will auto-save. You’ll know the game is auto-saving as an icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen, indicating an auto-save is in progress.

When the icon disappears, you’ll know the game has successfully auto-saved and you’re safe to close the game. If you prefer manual saves like we do, you can combine the auto-save with a manual save by saving through your menu as outlined above. In doing so, you’ll be doubly certain that you won’t lose any progress by closing your game for the night.

Now that you know how to save in Shenmue 3, be sure to read our previous guide where we explain whether you can fast travel in Shenmue 3.

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