How long to beat Shenmue 3?

A look at how long it'll take you to beat Shenmue 3.

Shenmue 3 is officially available as of November 19. Given that it was one of the most popular Kickstarter campaigns, it makes sense that many would be curious as to the length of the game. How much Shenmue is in Shenmue 3? To help, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how long Shenmue 3 will take you to beat!

How long to beat Shenmue 3

How long to beat Shenmue 3
For most gamers, it'll take around 18-25 hours to beat Shenmue 3.
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Shenmue 3 will take you anywhere from 18-25 hours to beat. During our time with Shenmue 3, we were able to reach the end credits after around 21 hours of gameplay. Keep in mind that the time it takes you to beat Shenmue 3 will vary depending on how you decide to play.

In Shenmue 3, there are four difficulty settings to choose from: Story Mode, Recommended Mode, Challenge Mode, and Nightmare Mode.

The harder the difficulty, the longer it may take you to beat Shenmue 3. Additionally, if you plan to power through the story and ignore side activities, you may beat Shenmue 3 in less time than we did. The quickest completion time will likely fall around 18 hours in total.

Meanwhile, if you really want to take as much time as possible in Shenmue 3, it may take you around 25 hours to reach the end credits. Again, it all depends on how you personally decide to play Shenmue 3. For most players, it’ll take anywhere from 18-25 hours to beat, which isn’t a bad length for a game like Shenmue 3.

It’s not too long, not too short, it falls right in the middle.

Now that you know how long it’ll take you to beat Shenmue 3, be sure to read through some of our other guides including whether you can fast travel in Shenmue 3, and how to save the game in Shenmue 3.

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