Dreams release date confirmed for February 14, 2020

Media Molecule has confirmed the Dreams release date as February 14, next year.

Media Molecule's unique indie creation engine Dreams now has a confirmed release date of February 14, 2020.

The Dreams release date was unfortunately leaked by retailers just last month, but as all things can change in the world of video game releases, it's good to finally have the date confirmed by Media Molecule themselves. The announcement came as part of Sony's final State of Play presentation today, with a short montage reel to demonstrate the variety of creations already in the game. Racers, shooters, platformers are all shown off, but there's plenty of room to get weirder in Dreams.  Put simply, if you can dream it, then there's a good chance you can make it too if you put the time in. Here's the latest trailer from Media Molecule: 

Dreams has already been through several Betas, leading to some phenomenal creations by its playerbase. We rounded up a few of our favorites back in February, but we can't wait to see what people concoct when the tools become available to a wider audience. 

The Dreams release date was just one of several different announcements from the rapid State of Play showcase, so if you want to catch up on everything that was revealed, simply watch the footage above or read our reveals of key details such as the Resident Evil 3 announcement.

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