Spellbreak brings quickfire wizardry to the battle royale genre

There's a PS4 closed beta coming Spring 2020, and you can sign up now to secure your place.

Spellbreak is a new battle royale game which is bringing a decidedly fantasy flair to the genre.

If you're tired of sniping in PUBG, shotgunning in Fortnite and spraying SMGs in Apex Legends, Spellbreak might just be the game you're after. Playing as wizards you're able to create and cast spell combinations to overpower your rivals and prove your worth as the last one standing. As part of today's PlayStation State of Play broadcast, developer Proletariat revealed that a PS4 closed beta will be coming in Spring 2020 and you can sign up now on the game's website.

The beta announcement trailer (embedded above) shows off a whole range of spells, from lobbing giant rocks to flinging tornados and shooting lightning. Players will be able to combine them for more devastating effects, such as using a fire spell to ignite a tornado. You'll also be able to grant your own team advantages through elemental effects, icing the floor to allow speedy skating, or creating a torrent of wind that launches you skyward. 

Here'show Proletariat explains it:

"Spellbreak is a fantasy battle royale where you play as a battlemage, casting huge spells, combining primal elements, and literally flying through the world (or Teleporting, Shadowstepping, or a myriad of other movement abilities.). Guns and grenades can only take you so far and we wanted to explore something different, something that harkens back to the fantasy books that we grew up reading."

Spellbreak Closed Beta PS4
© Proletariat

Shooter fans shouldn't turn away just yet, however. Proletariat has stated that they were inspired by trick shots in old-school shooters when designing the game, so want there to be a heavy skill element.

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