Watch someone beat Zelda's DLC boss naked with three hearts

Link's naked, btw. In case that wasn't clear.

In the ever-increasing one-upmanship of the Zelda completionist community, three-heart runs are nothing new, but a new run finishing Breath of the Wild's DLC boss takes it a step further with no clothes involved.

Avoiding picking up any superfluous heart containers has been the de facto nightmare mode for Zelda games since heart containers were a thing, but fashion has only recently been added to the game – and runners are extremely against fashion.

The Champions' Ballad DLC boss is particularly difficult thanks to several illusionary phases and quick attacks, so a three-heart run is already pretty impressive but with no defensive or offensive buffs from clothing the difficulty slider is off the scale.

Here's a video of Delicious Tea earning himself a mighty long sip by championing the game's final hurdle in style:


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