All Survivors and Masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance

Learn the full cast of characters and their powers in Resident Evil Resistance so you can succeed as either Mastermind or Survivor when you step online.

Resident Evil Resistance is a new asymmetric multiplayer title from Capcom which pits four survivors against one mastermind. The cooperating band of survivors need to utilize their unique skills and working together to stave off hordes of undead as they try to escape from the Mastermind’s facility. The Mastermind, on the other hand, will be spending their time setting up traps and spawning in undead beasts to torment the trapped survivors. Each survivor and Mastermind has access to unique powers, so to help you get to grips with them all, we’ve put together a list of all Survivors and Masterminds announced so far for Resident Evil Resistance.

All Survivors and Masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance

All Survivors and Masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance
A free multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 3, Resistance pits 4v1 in a battle of survival horror.
© Capcom

As noted previously, Survivors and Masterminds come with two unique abilities to use during matches. Survivors have two abilities and varying health, while Masterminds come with unique monster card decks and ultimate powers. Interested to know more? Let’s get started with the Survivors:

All Survivors in Resident Evil Resistance

Samuel Jordan: Damage

Project Resistance Characters Samuel Jordan

© Capcom

A former boxer, Samuel has high health and is built for close-quarters combat.


  • Dash Punch: Dashes forward quickly and punches the nearest enemy.
  • Fists of Iron: Uses boxing skills to give enemies the old one-two.

January Van Sant: Hacker

Resident Evil Resistance survivors January

© Capcom

A hacker investigating Umbrella, January can disable the Mastermind’s cameras.


  • Overload: Disables cameras, obscuring the Mastermind’s actions.
  • EMP: Impairs all cameras and increases the cost of using cards for the Mastermind.

Valerie Harmon: Support

Project Resistance all characters Valerie

© Capcom

A chemist grad school student who joined Umbrella, Valerie excels at healing her teammates.


  • Survival Instinct: Marks nearby items and threats, making them easier for teammates to find.
  • Modified First Aid Spray: Uses a limited-duration first aid spray to heal or buff nearby teammates.

Tyrone Henry: Tank

Survivors and Masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance

© Capcom

A member of the Raccoon City Fire Department, Tyrone has a high defense and protects his teammates in close-quarters combat.


  • Power Kick: Attacks enemies in front of him with a powerful kick.
  • Rally: Increases the morale of teammates, decreasing damage taken for a set duration.

Becca Woolett: Damage

All Survivor characters in Resident Evil Resistance

© Capcom

A Park Ranger, Becca is extremely capable with firearms and one of the best damage dealers.


  • Sentry Stance: Assume a stance that focuses aim, greatly enhancing firearm skills in exchange for mobility.
  • Bullet Storm: For a brief time, fire an unlimited number of shots.

Martin Sandwich: Support

Resident Evil Resistance Survivors

© Capcom

A mechanic working for a medical appliance manufacturer, Martin can create traps to catch the Mastermind’s creatures out.


  • Makeshift Mine: Jury-rig a mine that will explode when hostile creatures draw near, impeding them.
  • Flash Baton: Use a blinding flash to halt approaching enemies, temporarily incapacitating them.

Jill Valentine: Unknown

Resident Evil Resistance characters Jill Valentine
© Capcom

The hero of the story and lead protagonist of Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine will be aded to Resident Evil Resistance in a post-launch update. We don't know anything about her abilities or class type, but you can bet we'll fight you for the option to play as her.

Abilities: Unknown

All Masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance

Daniel Fabron

All masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance
© Capcom

Ultimate monster: Tyrant

Description: "Spencer's personally employed fixer, Daniel has been assigned to support Alex Wesker in her virus research by procuring test subjects and preparing testing facilities. While Daniel is not a scientist by trade, he has exhibited a proclivity for his role, taking direct control of zombies to attack the Survivors head-on. He possesses many creature cards that have extremely high attack power, with energy costs to match. He is also the only one able to control the deadly bioweapon known as the Tyrant."

Daniel Fabron is designed to beat down the survivors through sheer aggression and damage. His hand of cards is filled with powerful monsters, and he excels at taking direct control to deal damage himself.

Annette Birkin

All Masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance

© Capcom

Ultimate monster: G-Birkin

Description: "An extremely talented researcher in Umbrella's employ, Annette is a co-creator of the G-Virus, along with her husband, lead researcher William Birkin. She appears in this title as a playable Mastermind. Her acumen with bioweapons and viral research is on full display when she takes charge, as she uses injections to bring out the strength and abilities of the creatures she deploys. She can also call upon her own husband in his mutated form, and take control of G-Birkin."

Annette Birkin is best boosting her monster from behind the scenes. She's calable of powering up the creatures she summons with extra damage and other attributes to make them even more challenging to deal with. You may have met her husband, G-Birkin, during the story of Resident Evil 2.

Alex Wesker

Alex Wesker Resident Evil Resistance all masterminds
© Capcom

Ultimate monster: Yateveo

Description: "Alex Wesker's responsibilities include acquiring subjects, carrying out experiments, and reporting findings to sponsor Mr. Ozwell E. Spencer. Her acute foresight contributes to the frequent and effective usage of trap-type devices to stimulate virus mutation. User and developer of "Yateveo," a plant-based bioweapon reminiscent of Ivy and Plant 42."

Alex Wesker's card set is designed around frequent deployment of traps, as well as her unique and deadly plant ultimate monster.

Ozwell E. Spencer

Ozwell E. Spencer resident evil resistance all masterminds
© Capcom

Ultimate monster: Unknown

Description: "One of the founders of Umbrella and its current chairman, Ozwell E. Spencer refuses to face his own mortality. Deeply intrigued by Alex's reports of a virus mutation that granted superhuman abilities without altering the subject's physiology, he has decided to take part in the experiments himself. He uses inscrutable Umbrella technology to turn the battle in his favour."

Ozwell excels at delaying the Survivors, and can place a wall which blocks their path for a period of time.

Those are all the Survivor and Mastermind characters announced so far for Resident Evil Resistance, but we’ll be sure to update this page if any more are announced before the game releases. Resident Evil Resistance will release with Resident Evil 3 on April 3, 2020. Are you excited? Let us know your favorite character and if you want to play as a Survivor or Mastermind in the comments below.

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