Watch Final Fantasy 7 Remake's opening cinematic before release

If you're too excited to wait until April 10 then check out the intro movie for FF7 Remake here.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's opening cinematic has appeared on Square's YouTube channel, giving you the chance to see just how much the game has changed in two decades.

The intro movie is now available to watch, all five minutes of it, before FF7 Remake hits PS4 on April 10. If you were hoping to be playing the game by its original release date then seeing how it all starts seems like a fair compromise.

The FF7 Remake opening cinematic features pretty much all of the same beats as its 1997 original, just obviously in blinding high-def which we could never have even dreamed of at the time.

The megacity setting of Midgar has never looked so imposingly beautiful, and those remastered music cues are making us well up with emotion over here.

What is your favorite part of the newly released FF7 Remake opening cinematic? Has this helped soothe your desperate need to play, or are you even more eager for April 10 to roll around now?


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