Free Untitled Goose Game PS4 theme is an absolute steal

A free Untitled Goose Game dynamic theme for PS4 is available today.

There's a free Untitled Goose Game dynamic theme on PS4 today, which you can download, for free.

The theme, which is already up on Australian PSN, features the soothing soundscape of chirping birds around the quintessential British village you terrorize as the untitular goose. The background is an homage to the brave and talented players who managed to steal every single item in the game and pile them up in the goose's den.

It's a dynamic theme though, so there are a few incredible surprises when switching between the lower and upper row of icons, such as the game list and notifications. You can see a preview of the theme, as well as a link to the PSN page for it below.

While the Australian PSN store already has the theme available, as the home region of developer House House, other regions are lagging a bit behind. Don't worry, here's when you can get your hands on the free Untitled Goose Game theme for PS4:

Europe: Dec 17 12:00 GMT
US: Dec 17 7:00 AM EST
Japan: Dec 18 00:00 JST

Enjoy your free Untitled Goose Game dynamic theme for PS4, what are your favorite memories of the charming thieve-em-up?


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