Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure will let you become besties with a Pokepal

Take your Buddy out on walks, pet them and bring them into battle to rise from Good Buddies to Best Buddies in Pokemon Go's new Buddy Adventures.

Pokemon Go’s last big reveal of the year is Buddy Adventure, a new feature that’ll let you choose a buddy Pokemon and take them out on your walks.

Your chosen buddy Pokemon will join you on the map as you explore streets, pointing out anything interesting nearby (in the game world, not that new coffee place you didn’t notice had opened round the corner) and occasionally bringing you gifts.

You can level up your friendship with your buddy by petting and feeding them, as well as taking them into battles or snapping a cute picture of them in the world. Give them enough affection and you’ll earn powerful perks like a CP boost or an increase to your candy haul while out and about.

There are three Buddy Levels you can achieve with a Pokemon, starting at Good Buddy and increasing to Best Buddy. Here’s what each gets you:

  • Good Buddy: Your Pokemon pal appears on the map and lets you view their Buddy Profile.
  • Great Buddy: Your Pokemon buddy can join encounters and will bring you items from time to time.
  • Ultra Buddy: Your buddy will point out any nearby interesting places and also bring you Souvenirs from time to time.
  • Best Buddy: Your buddy gains a Best Buddy Ribbon and receives a CP boost while fighting as your buddy.

The Pokemon Company has yet to announce a date that Buddy Adventures will be added to Pokemon Go, but developer Niantic promises it’ll arrive by 2020. In a blog post, the studio detailed some background information on what it’s been like to work on the update, including entertaining challenges like where to place the Best Buddy Ribbon on each creature.

“This might be the most collaborative feature we have had with The Pokémon Company,” Ryuta Hiroi, lead Niantic product manager stated.

The studio has tried to bring every Pokemon in the game to life in a fun and believable manner, letting you cruise around town with your best Pokemon mate by your side whether they’re bird, rat or multi-headed egg tree. Look we don’t judge who you choose to associate with in the Pokemon world.

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