Awesome Games Done Quick is live all this week

With money raised going to The Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The latest installment in the Twitch-dominating speedrunning extravaganza Games Done Quick is live all this week raising money for The Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 started yesterday and concludes Sunday, January 14, with more than 150 speedruns taking place during the event, all of which you can watch live on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel.

As we type, V0oid and waffle42 are bringing us a warpless race through Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the SNES, with a bunch of Sonic and Mega Man games to follow, Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3, Halo 5 and a succession of indie titles - and that's just the next 24 hours of the nonstop livestream.

The full schedule is on the Games Done Quick website, and if you miss out on any of the runs, you will be able to catch them all over on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel.

If you're not familiar, Games Done Quick is a multiannual live show where world-class speedrunners come together to showcase their talents across a vast range of games. The nonstop stream runs throughout, with commentary from the runners and announcements to help you keep track of donations to the chosen charity.

The last installment was the hastily convened Harvey Relief Done Quick, which was obviously put together fast for good reason and resulted in a lot of interesting runs. Check out that link for some of our favorites, and we'll be sure to gather together some from Awesome Games Done Quick next week.


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