Ni No Kuni film arrives on Netflix this month

Ni No Kuni movie adaptation hits streaming service on January 16.

Ni No Kuni's big screen adaptation is coming to the small screen later this month, as Netflix reveals its release date.

The anime, which was released in Japan on August 23 last year after a first-look trailer last April, will appear on Netflix in the US and UK on January 16.

Though it is an adaptation of Level 5 and Studio Ghibli's JRPG series, the Ni No Kuni movie tells an original story with many of the same hallmarks as that of the games. A trio of children find themselves able to step back and forth between reality and "another world" (the title's literal translation) which is far more fantastical than their own. It's a bit of a rip-off of Narnia, but it's charming all the same.

Produced by Warner Bros. Japan and animated by OLM – rather than the anime house you might expect – the film still features Ghibli's longtime composer Joe Hisaishi bringing the music of the game to the feature title.

You'll be able to watch the Ni No Kuni movie from any screen that you can access your Netflix account from on January 16.


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