Where to find a Factory Key in Escape from Tarkov

Get a Factory Key in Escape from Tarkov by exploring the Customs map and visiting these locations.

If you’ve been trying to haul out good from Escape from Takov’s Factory map, you may have noticed that some of the extraction points (find a full list here) require you to have a Factory exit key before you’re allowed to leave. Contrary to what you might expect, you can’t find this item on the Factory level. It’s a little counterintuitive, so in this guide we’ll teach you where to find a Factory Key in Escape from Tarkov.

Where to find a Factory Key in Escape from Tarkov

Where to find a Factory Key in escape from Tarkov
You can get a Factory Key in Escape from Tarkov on the Customs map.
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The Factory Key is an extremely valuable item which allows you to access certain extraction points and hidden rooms in the Factory level. However, if you want to find a Factory Key, you’ll need to visit Escape from Tarkov’s Customs level. There are several positions the Factory Key can appear on the map, but you’ll need to beat the other players and Scavs in the game there if you want to obtain it. Here are the different locations it can appear:

  • Dorms Guard Office: On the table in the first room on the left inside the three-storey dormitory. Next to the Television
  • Smokestack Building: Inside the Smokestack building in the southeast of the map. There are four lockers in a row on the ground floor (with the large smokestacks sticking out of the top, go figure). Search the leftmost locker.
  • Customs Military Checkpoint: In the boot of the car with a blue jacket in it (unconfirmed).
  • Scav backpacks: Searching dead Scavs can result in finding a Factory in their backpack. You can also find one on another player who’s carrying one.

Scavs spawn closer to the points listed above, so you may wish to play as a Scav and run straight towards the locations listed above. You’ll need to keep trying until you find a key as there’s no guarantee it’ll be there when you visit each. 

You can also purchase a Factory Key from Fence if you’re lucky enough to see one appear when another player sells it. Factory Keys are usually bought quickly, so you won’t often see them appear on Fence’s list of items. Now that you know how to get a Factory Key in Escape from Tarkov, feel free to check out these other guides:

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