Escape from Tarkov Factory map extraction points

Learn where all the Factory map extraction points are in Escape from Tarkov.

It’s one thing knowing how to extract, but if you haven’t learned the extraction points in Escape from Tarkov then you’ll be left bumbling around each level waiting to be shot. Even if you buy an in-game map, the places you need to go aren't clear at all. Factory is a popular map for its tight quarters and low player count. If you want to make it out alive and with your gear intact, study our Escape from Tarkov Factory map extraction points guide so you can make a swift exit when needed.

Escape from Tarkov Factory map extraction points

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The Factory map is a claustrophobic place to fight, supporting just a few players at any one time. There are only five extraction points on the entire level, and only three are available to PMCs. Check the map below to learn where each extraction point is located, then read the descriptions underneath to learn more about the PMC extractions. PMC exits are marked in blue, while Scav exits are marked in red. Two of the Factory extraction points are available to both PMCs and Scavs. Our descriptions will focus on PMC exits, as these will form the core of your playtime in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov Factory map extraction points
The extraction points for the Factory map in Escape from Tarkov.
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Gate 3

Requires: Nothing

This is the core extraction point from the Factory Map. You won’t need any special keys or items to extract here as either a PMC or a Scav. It’s located in the northwest corner of the map, through a small door by some pipes stacked on top of one another. Enter, walk past the blue container and pass through a second door then stand near the far wall to begin extraction. Beware of players camping this location to catch easy kills.

Gate 0

Requires: Factory key

At the far south end of the map you’ll spot a forklift vehicle near to a wall with graffiti all over it. There’s a small door you can enter here, and inside is a further locked door you need to open with the Factory key. Do so and you can extract inside. Again, watch out for players hiding in the first room looking for an easy bit of loot.


Requires: Factory key

The final PMC exit is in the northeast of the map, opposite the Gate 3 extraction point area. There’s a door in this corner you need to take. Inside you’ll find some stairs leading down. Take them, turn back on yourself and look for a door on the left. Open this up with the Factory key and follow the path inside to each the exit.

Additional Scav exits:

  • Office Window (third floor)
  • Tunnels (drop down the central silo pit)

If you're still having trouble with any of the Factory extraction points, check out the video below by Deceiver Gaming which points them all out. We recommend running around offline without any bots to give yourself some practice exploring the level and so that you know where each extraction point is located.

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This article covers the Escape from Tarkov Factory map extraction points.

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