Escape from Tarkov Interchange map extraction points

With our guide to all the Interchange map extraction points in Escape from Tarkov you'll never be caught short.

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. Those words have never been truer than in Escape from Tarkov, when you’re loaded to the eyeballs with loot and just need to Extract if you want to escape. The best way to get out safely? Learn your extraction points. In this guide we’ll be covering the Interchange map extraction points, and as with all the other levels, you’ll want to know them all before diving into the level. Ready? Read of for the Escape from Tarkov Interchange map extraction points.

Escape from Tarkov Interchange map extraction points

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Interchange is a busy level which comprised of two main floors in the market, an outdoors area, and a parking lot. Knowing how to get out of there in a hurry is key, but the in-game map you can purchase is pretty awful. Thankfully, Tarkov players have already put together some incredibly detailed maps which break down where you can get out. 

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Extraction Points
There are three extraction points on the Escape from Tarkov Interchange map.
© Battlestate Games / Lorathor

We’ve highlighted each of the extraction zones in red on the image above for easy identification (the top left map), but we’d like to give full credit to creators Lorathor and Reddit user sghf for the core map. There are only three extraction points on this map, all of them outside of the main mall. Remember than when you're trying to plan your path out. Here’s a bit more detail on each:

  • Railway (NW): Located right up in the northwest corner of the map, this extraction point is one of the furthest from the mall itself. Stand between the railway tracks and run along to the end to begin extraction. Beware of players camping near this extraction zone for easy kills.
  • Power Plant (NE): Northeast of the mall (again in the corner of the map) is the Power Plant extraction point. Head through the gate and look for the car at the edge of the map to begin extraction. Remember you must be next to the car at the end of the timer to extract. This one is close to the mall, making it easy to reach. However, it's not always open, takes a long time and it’ll cost you the tidy sum of 3000 Rubles to extract from here. If another player extracts here first, the power plant route will close.
  • Emercom Checkpoint (SE): The final Interchange extraction point is on the southeast edge of the map. Make your way down the road and past the vehicles until you reach the blockaded path next to the long trailer. Stand by the truck and you’ll begin to extract.

Those are all three Interchange map extraction points in Escape from Tarkov. They’re pretty simple on this map compared to the others, but it’s still worth practising your routes to them for when you need to get out. Looking for more Tarkov guides? The links below might help you out.

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