Escape from Tarkov Unknown Key guide

Learn where to find the Unknown Key in Escape from Tarkov and what it does.

There’s plenty of loot to find in Escape from Tarkov and — provided you know your way around weapons — most of it is fairly self-evident. That makes Escape from Tarkov’s Unknown Key all the more intriguing. If you’ve found this unique item and aren’t sure what it’s for, or if you want to where to get it, this guide is for you. Below, we’ll teach you how to get the Unknown Key in Escape from Tarkov and what to do with it.

Escape from Tarkov Unknown Key guide

The Unknown Key is an item from the Customs map. Its description reads: “The key was found on the body but it is yet unknown what it opens.” A tempting mystery indeed! But thankfully players have already figure out what this key is for. If you’re looking for that answer, scroll down, as first we’ll start with where to find it.

Where to find the Unknown Key in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Unknown Key guide - location map
The in-game maps aren't great, but you can find the Unknown Key on a body hidden in some bushes close to these warehouses.
© Battlestate Games

Unlike most items in Escape from Tarkov, the Unknown Key only has one spawn location. It’s on the Customs map, found in a body that’s hidden in some bushes. We’ve marked the location on the map above. The body isn't far from the large warehouse near the rivver, and can be found in the bushes close to a truck that reads “Welcome to Tarkov”. If you’re lucky, you might also find the key in the pocket or bag of a Scav who happened to grab it early. The key is requested as part of a quest from Skier, meaning the fella you take it from is his deceased delivery boy. 

What to do with the Unknown Key in Escape from Tarkov

What does the Unknown Key do in Escape from Tarkov
Take the Unknown Key to a small hut at this location and you can secure some documents for Skier.
© Battlestate Games

The Unknown Key is part of The Extortionist, a quest from Skier. He’ll ask you to find a key held by an errand boy of his, then collect the item he left. You’ll need to be Level 7 to start the quest, so hold onto the key for now if you’re not there yet.

You can use the Unknown key to open a small hut also on the Customs map. It’s over in the east side of the map, as marked on the map above. Travel there with the Unknown Key in your possession, then open it up and collect the documents inside. These can then be delivered to Skier as part of the quest.

That’s all there is to know about the Escape From Tarkov Unknown Key. It’s a lot less exciting than it seems at first, but it will help you wrap up a quest, which is pretty nice. For more Tarkov tips and tricks, check out the links below.

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