"Do not disturb" option among new Xbox One features

Changes rolling out to Xbox Insiders.

Microsoft just pushed a bunch of new Xbox One system features to members of its Xbox Insider program, including the ability to set a "Do not disturb" status.

According to Xbox Wire, Xbox Insiders enrolled in the Alpha ring should be prompted to download an update next time they log on.

Apparently the "Do not disturb" feature will guarantee that housekeeping walks into your hotel room without knocking. Sorry, we mean it will suppress notifications and let your friends know that you’re not available for another game or activity right now.

Other new features in testing include a "Next Achievements" area that shows you which cheevos you're honing in on the fastest, their level of rarity and so forth, as well as Mini Game Hubs, which let you access key info on your games faster.

The update also promises more inactivity shutdown options, and should make it easier to see comments, which sounds like a bad idea to us but what do we know.

The fact these changes are with Insiders means they should be rolling out to the rest of us once they've been put through their paces, assuming they don't cause mass brickings etc.


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