A closer look at Temtem's blue platypus, the Platypet

Everything you need to know about the adorable little blue platypus known in Temtem as the Platypet.

In Temtem, you’ll encounter creatures of all shapes and sizes, including one that looks like a blue platypus known as the Platypet. For gamers looking to capture the very best Temtem has to offer, the Platypet has the potential to become a real fan favorite. To celebrate this adorable blue platypus, we’ve put together a quick guide that takes a closer look at the Platypet in Temtem!

A closer look at Temtem’s blue platypus, the Platypet

A closer look at Temtem's blue platypus, the Platypet
The Platypet is a blue platypus originally designed by artist 50 Shades of Heliolisk and acquired by Crema for use in Temtem.
© 50 Shades of Heliolisk

Known for its cuddly appearance, the “blue platypus” in Temtem is called the Platypet. Originally designed by artist 50 Shades of Heliolisk, Temtem developer Crema purchased the rights and has gone on to expand upon how the Platypet functions in the world of Temtem. In the bio for the Platypet, the following information can be found:

“Platypet was popularized by a cartoon series, and ever since then, it has been one of the most popular Temtem with kids. The series had an educative purpose – to teach children that Toxic Temtem are also valid and can be good friends.”

Why does the bio reference Toxic Temtem? Well, the Platypet is not only a Water type but also a Toxic type. What’s nice about this is that the Platypet offers a balanced mixture of Water and Toxic moves, along with a few other move Types thrown in for good measure.

The base stats for Platypet are pretty well-rounded in most areas, with the highest stat being SPATK at 67. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be careful with your Platypet as its DEF is its lowest stat at 31, though SPDEF is a little better at 56.

  • HP: 55
  • STA: 39
  • SPD: 65
  • ATK: 45
  • DEF: 31
  • SPATK: 67
  • SPDEF: 56

All Platypet Evolutions in Temtem

All Platypet Evolutions in Temtem
Platypet evolves into Platox at Level 20 and Platimous at Level 40 in Temtem.
© 50 Shades of Heliolisk

Once you capture yourself a Platypet in Temtem, you may find yourself wondering what its evolutions are and how many levels it’ll take you to evolve Platypet. To help, we’ve listed all Platypet evolutions and the levels that Platypet evolves at below.

  • Platox: Second evolution of Platypet that occurs once Platypet reaches Level 20.
  • Platimous: Third and final evolution of Platypet that occurs once Platypet reaches Level 40.

Even though the evolutions of Platypet move away from cuteness into a more serious looking Temtem, it’s worth evolving Platypet to boost its stats and gain access to powerful attacks. That said, based on information that’s available, it seems as though you can cancel a Temtem’s Evolution by pressing ESC on your keyboard.

Additionally, Temtem has a “Cancel Evolution” option in the bottom-right corner. With that in mind, it may be possible to keep Platypet as a Platypet, even once you reach Level 20 when its first evolution into Platox occurs. Looking at Platypet’s precious face, it’s definitely tempting to keep the blue platypus form forever. You can even capture a Luma version of Platypet that changes its color from blue to pink!

Temtem releases on PC in Early Access on January 21. At release, Platypet will be available to capture, along with dozens of other cool Temtem. With that in mind, is Platypet your favorite Temtem? Do you think this blue platypus is the cutest Temtem shown so far? Let us know down in the comments below!

Note: Big thanks to the Temtem Wiki for info used in this feature! 

Now that you know more about Temtem’s blue platypus, the Platypet, be sure to read through some of our other helpful Temtem guides including all Temtem status effects explained, how many Temtem there are, and all starter Temtem and their evolutions.

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