How to get a surfboard in Temtem

Take to the waves by learning how to get a surfboard in Temtem so you can surf to sidequests and beyond.

If you’ve been exploring the colorful land of CremaGames’ Temtem, you might have found some rather large bodies of water that you’re unable to cross. The sun is up, the water’s warm, so what’s stopping you from hopping in? Ah, you don’t know how to get a surfboard. Don’t worry, making your way across the waves in Temtem is actually pretty easy. Keep scrolling down, dear tamer, and we’ll teach you how to get a surfboard in Temtem.

How to get a surfboard in Temtem

How to get a surfboard in Temtem - how to surf
Since everyone in Temtem's world can surf, you won't impress many with your new skills.
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To get a surfboard in Temtem, all you need to do is progress through the core story path. While you’re still on the first island, you’ll be sent to the Arrisola Dojo to train up against the leader, Sophia. She won’t be there, and instead you’ll be instructed to find her at Windward Fort in the North. Make your way there and free her to open access to the Arrisola Dojo.

You can now play through the Arrisola Dojo and challenge Sophia at the end (click here for our guide on how to beat her). When you successfully beat her you’ll be given a surfboard as a reward. Sure, it’s a bit of an odd prize, but we rarely complain about free stuff.

How to surf in Temtem

Good news! You already know how to surf in Temtem. Provided you’ve got the surfboard from Sophia, all you need to do to surf is walk up to the water. As soon as you step onto the water you’ll begin to surf, letting you ride your way over to all the islands and extra side quests you want. That includes finding Yusuf and Roger in Temtem!

You’ve got no reason to fear the water now that you’ve learned how to get the surfboard in Temtem, so get out there and enjoy the waves! Actually, while you’re here you might want to check out some more Temtem tips and tricks from the links below:

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