Can you get a house in Temtem? The answer

A quick look at whether you can get a house in Temtem to call your own, and show off to your friends.

Exploring the world of Temtem with your favorite squad of critters is great, but all that running gets tiresome! When you just need to kick back and relax, it’d be great to have your own house in Temtem, a place you an hang out and upgrade as you find and buy new features throughout the world. Understandably, many players are eager for the idea. So can you get a house in Temtem? Let’s take a quick look.

Can you get a house in Temtem?

How to get a house in Temtem
Hopefully you'll be able to upgrade your house with a Healing Station if/when the feature is added to Temtem.
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Right now, no, you can’t get a house in Temtem. That said, it certainly looks like the feature will be coming down the line. As you explore the land between Arissola and Brical de Mar you may have visited a furniture store around the Thalassian Cliffs. The mechanics aren’t in the game right now, but in future it seems you’ll be able to buy chairs, tables, decorations and more to stick in, presumably, your own home. 

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to deck it out with a Healing Station to let you heal or refill your Temessence Vial as well. Where in the world you’ll be able to set up a home is another question, especially given Temtem lets many users share the same space in the world. We’d love to be able to show our friends into our homes at least, or even have a space inside dedicate to Temtem battles or displays.

So while you can’t get a house in Temtem just yet, rest assured that it’s something clearly on developer CremaGames’ mind. When is it likely to arrive? We don’t know, so for now you’ll have to be content exploring the available islands. If you want some other activities to fill your time, be sure to check out the TemTem guides linked below as well:

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