How to beat Rawiri in Temtem

Tips on how to vanquish the second Dojo Leader in Temtem, Rawiri.

In Temtem, your second Dojo Leader battle is against Rawiri, a Fire Tamer. To be able to fight Rawiri, you’ll need to make your way through the Myrisles to Mokupuni. There, you’ll find Rawiri’s Dojo which contains a few platform puzzles. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a complete guide on how to beat Rawiri in Temtem!

How to beat Rawiri in Temtem

How to beat Rawiri in Temtem
In this guide, we'll walk you through the best Temtem to use in the fight against Rawiri and the Mokupuni Dojo in Temtem.
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The battle against Rawiri is one of the main challenges of the Myrisles in Temtem, as he’s the second Dojo Leader you’ll battle. As noted above, you’ll need to work your way through the Myrisles towards Mokupuni in order to reach Rawiri’s Dojo. Inside the Dojo, you’ll encounter a platform puzzle along with a handful of Tamers looking to take you on.

Note that it’s worth beating the Tamers to the left and right side of the Dojo before heading straight towards Rawiri. In particular, the left side of the Dojo has a box with a handy piece of Gear called Ice Cube which reduces 20% of the damage taken from Fire Types. Given that Rawiri boasts several strong Fire Types, it’s a good idea to get this piece of Gear and give it to one of your Temtem to hold.

In addition to helpful items like the Ice Cube, there are ways to beat Rawiri as long as you keep Types in mind. Below, we’ve listed all of the Temtem that Rawiri uses, their Types, levels, and the order in which they appear.

  • Deendre (Lv. 24): Nature
  • Luma Tateru (Lv. 24): Neutral
  • Banapi (Lv. 18): Fire
  • Magmis (Lv. 22): Fire
  • Taifu (Lv. 29): Nature
  • Raize (Lv. 28): Fire

As you can see from Rawiri’s team in Temtem, he primarily uses Fire, though he complicates things by throwing two Nature Type and a strong Luma Temtem into the mix. Rawiri also uses Temtem at Lv. 18 through Lv. 29, so leveling up your Temtem to these levels is strongly recommended, even if you have a Type advantage.

Keep in mind that Rawiri’s Raize is his strongest Temtem. Not only does it have a strong move, Fire Tornado, it’s also fairly strong in HP and DEF. Because of this, we recommend focusing Raize if you can. The issue is that Rawiri sends Taifu out alongside Raize, so if you’re using a Water Type to take out Raize, be extremely cautious of Taifu’s Nature moves.

Rawiri has a powerful Raize. The best way to beat Raize in Temtem is with a Water Type.
Rawiri has a powerful Raize. The best way to beat Raize in Temtem is with a Water Type.
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To help with Type advantages, we’ve listed the Types that are effective against Rawiri’s group of Temtem.

  • Water: Effective against Fire, Earth, and Digital, weak against Nature, Electric, and Toxic.
  • Earth: Effective against Fire, Electric, and Crystal, weak against Water, Nature, and Melee.
  • Toxic: Effective against Water and Nature, weak against Wind.
  • Mental: Effective against Neutral and Melee, weak against Electric, Digital, and Crystal.

Judging by the weaknesses above, your best bet to take on Rawiri is with a strong Water or Earth Type, along with a Toxic or Fire Type if you have one. For example, you can catch a few different Water Type once you get the Surfboard in Deniz like Umishi, Fomu, Pewki, Kalazu, and Saipat.

You can also use your starter regardless of whether you picked Smazee, Houchic, or Crystle as all of them should be able to hold their own against Fire and Nature Types. In particular, the Mental moves of Houchic are great when smacking down Rawiri’s Luma Tateru. If you’re in a pinch, you can use Temtem of other Types like Neutral, Electric, or Wind to chip away at Rawiri’s Temtem.

To summarize, we’ve listed the Temtem that are the most useful against Rawiri’s group of Temtem.

  • Kalabyss which evolves from Kalazu is great as it offers both Water and Toxic.
  • Water Types like... 
     - Umishi
     - Fomu
     - Babawa
     - Pewki
     - Saipat
     - Kalazu
     - Oceara
     - Nessla
     - Shuine
     - Platypet
  • Earth Types like...
     - Zizare
     - Bunbun
     - Vulvir

Essentially, bring Types that are strong against Fire and Nature and you should be able to work your way through Rawiri’s Temtem without too much trouble. By defeating Rawiri, you’ll earn the following rewards:

  • 720 Temtem currency
  • 1x Elevator Key

Using the Elevator Key, you’ll be able to progress through the game’s campaign by connecting the three regions of Omninesia together.

Now that you know how to beat Rawiri in Temtem, be sure to read through some of our previous guides including how to get the Coward’s Cloak in Temtem, whether you can get a house in Temtem, and how to add friends and play co-op in Temtem.

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