How to open Meat Vent doors in Journey to the Savage Planet

Find to how to feed Meat Vent plants in Journey to the Savage Planet so you can get past their pesky vine doors.

In the early stages of Journey to the Savage Planet, you’ll come across several of these angry looking Meat Vent plant doorways. While they buzz away menacingly, they aren’t much of a threat to you, rather more of a hindrance. Their vines block various pathways throughout the world, stopping you from accessing hidden areas or progressing through the story. Fortunately we can give you the inside scoop on how to open the Buzzsaw plant doors in Journey to the Savage Planet so that you can continue exploring to your heart’s content.

How to open Meat Vent plant doors in Journey to the Savage Planet

How to open meat vent plant doors in Journey to the savage planet
A poor pufferbird being fed to a Meat Vent door.
© Typhoon Studios

These pesky plant doors will prove to be one of the first hurdles you’ll face in Journey to the Savage Planet. Buzzing away, the Meat Vent isn’t interested in retracting its tentacles for just anyone. What this mean-faced fella needs is a tasty treat as incentive. Scan the Meat Vent plant door and you’ll get the message that you need to feed it a pufferbird. Yes, you know those cute little critters that adore you so much? Yeah, the Meat Vent likes to munch on them.

You’ll typically find Pufferbirds in abundance not far from any Meat Vent plant door in Journey to the Savage Planet. Either wait for one to run close enough, or use Grob to lure them near to the door. The vents are usually high up, so you’ll then want to run up and melee the Pufferbird. This will kick it high into the air, hopefully into the path of the Meat Vent. Get it close enough and the plant will start sucking the air in front, pulling your poor pufferbird into its whirling mouth. Alternatively, use the bouncing gelatinous blob tool to create a launch pad that'll send the pufferbird skyward and into the Meat Vent's path.

How to feed meat vent plants in journey to the savage planet
Once the Meat Vent has been fed, it will stay open permanently.
© Typhoon Studios

Once the pufferbird is devoured, the Meat Vent will close up shop permanently, sealing its face away and opening the vines that blocked your path. Congrats! You’ve now learned how to open Meat Vent plant doors in Journey to the Savage Planet and can get on with exploring. For more tips and tricks, consider the following guides:

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