All drink recipes in Coffee Talk

A complete drinks recipe list for Coffee Talk so you know how to make all the named drinks your customers are after.

Ooh, there’s not much better than a warm drink on a cold day, but while we’d be satisfied with a nicely brewed cup of tea, the patrons of Coffee Talk after after a whole lot more. You’ll start off Coffee Talk with a few drinks in your Brewpad app recipe list, but if you want to raise your friendship with everyone who stops by, you’ll need to learn a whole lot more. Fortunately, we’ve been working hard on putting together a list of all drink recipes in Coffee Talk.

All drink recipes in Coffee Talk

All drink recipes in Coffee Talk
© Toge Productions

Coffee Talk features named drinks from all over the globe, with a penchant for beverages popular in developer Toge Productions’ home of Indonesia. Discovering each one by messing with ingredient combinations is fun, but sometimes you just want to know how to make the drinks your customers are after, and that means a drink recipes list. 

We’re putting together a list of all drink recipes in Coffee Talk as we find them, and below you’ll be able to see all that we’ve discovered so far. Remember, don’t go serving these drinks to just about anyone, you should definitely try and fill the orders you’re asked for. With that in mind, here are all the drink recipes in Coffee Talk, split by base ingredient (Coffee, Tea, Green Tea, Chocolate and Milk):


Black Lemon: Coffee, Coffee, Lemon

Black Magic: Coffee, Mint, Honey

Cafe Latte: Coffee, Milk, Milk

Cappuccino: Coffee, Coffee, Milk

Espresso: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Gingerbread Cofffee: Coffee, Ginger, Cinammon

Ginger Latte: Coffee, Ginger, Milk

Jahe Tubruk: Coffee, Coffee, Ginger

Sugar and Spice: Coffee, Honey, Cinammon


Gala Had: Tea, Milk, Ginger (Gala’s Fury Remedy)

Masala Chai: Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon

Midsummer Night’s Dream: Tea, Lemon, Honey

Russian Tea: Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon

Shai Adeni: Tea, Milk, Cinnamon

Teh Tarik: Tea, Tea, Milk

Green Tea

Cough Syrup: Green Tea, Lemon, Honey

Green Tea Latte: Green Tea, Milk, Milk

Marrakech: Green Tea, Mint, Mint

Shin Genmaicha: Green Tea, Green Tea, Cinnamon

The Grinch: Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon

Coffee Talk Recipe List
© Toge Productions


Bitter Heart: Chocolate, Ginger, Cinnamon

Chocobee Miruku: Chocolate, Honey, Milk

Dark Chocolate: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Spanish Sahara: Chocolate, Milk, Ginger

Spiced Lady: Chocolate, Milk, Cinnamon


Bedchamber: Milk, Cinnamon, Honey

Honey Milk: Milk, Honey, Milk

Le Menthol: Milk, Mint, Lemon

Lemony Snippet: Milk, Honey, Lemon

Milky Way: Milk, Honey, Mint

STMJ: Milk, Ginger, Honey

There you have it, a complete drink recipe list for Coffee Talk. Which hot beverage is your favorite? Have you considered making one yourself after discovering it in Coffee Talk? Be sure to let us know. If you’re here then you likely already own Coffee Talk, but you might enjoy reading our review all the same.

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