How to make Gala's Fury Remedy in Coffee Talk

Keep those werewolf urges in check by learning how to make Gala's Fury Remedy, Gala Had, in Coffee Talk.

Preparing and serving hot drinks in Coffee Talk is mostly a relaxing experience, but every now and again customers will ask you for a specific drink only for you to realize you’ve got no clue how it’s put together. Early in the story you’ll meet Gala, a werewolf in need of a specific Fury Remedy, but he won’t know how to make it exactly. While you do have a few chances, not knowing how to make this drink can be stressful. Fortunately, we can help! Scroll on down to learn how to make Gala’s Fury Remedy in Coffee Talk.

How to make Gala’s Fury Remedy in Coffee Talk

How to make Gala's Fury Remedy in Coffee Talk Gala Had
Making Gala's Fury Remedy requires Tea, Milk, and Ginger, in that order.
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Gala’s Fury Remedy is called Gala Had, so you’ll definitely know when you’ve created it properly. The large ex-soldier will inform you that the drink contains Tea and Ginger, but won’t give you many clues unless you make a combination that’s close. Thankfully, we’ve already experimented and found the mix of ingredients you need. To make Gala’s Fury Remedy in Coffee Talk, pick the ingredients in this order:

  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Ginger

Choose them as listed (or shown in the image above) and you should see the name Gala Had appear above your brew. The recipe for Gala’s Fury Remedy will now be added to your phone permanently, meaning you can check in there any time you need it again, though you’d be equally welcome back on this page!

Learning how to make Gala’s Fury Remedy will help you progress friendship with the gentle giant, and go some ways to stop his monthly infliction causing problems. Put simply, you should learn how to make the knightly Gala Had drink if you want to be a good friend. We’ll have a more comprehensive list of drinks recipes available soon, so be sure to hit the site again in the near future for more Coffee Talk content.

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