Can you rename your Temtem?

Explaining the naming options currently available in Temtem.

In Temtem, it can be fun to capture and rename your Temtem. However, if you name your Temtem something and find it doesn’t fit that Temtem after it evolves, or you forget to name it before sending it to your TemDeck, what do you do? To explain your available options, we’ve put together a quick guide on whether you can rename your Temtem.

Can you rename your Temtem?

Can you rename your Temtem?
When you capture a Temtem you have the option to rename it, but you won't be able to change your Temtem's name later on, so choose wisely! 
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The quick answer to whether you can rename your Temtem is no, you can’t. Once your Temtem has been named, or not named and sent to your TemDeck, you’re out of luck as of the time of this writing. The only way to rename Temtem is to select “Rename” right after you capture a Temtem.

Choose the new name carefully as you won’t be able to alter its name after you’ve named it.

If you accidentally send it to your TemDeck without naming it, you won’t be able to give it a new name later. That said, you can go out and catch the same Temtem again and rename it. When you have extra Temtem, you can make money (or Pacsuns) by releasing them and collecting rewards at the FreeTem! Organisation.

As such, capturing another Temtem right after you forget to name the first one you captured can be a solid strategy if you want to give your Temtem a special name. To recap, you can rename Temtem right after you capture them. Once you name a Temtem, or send it to your TemDeck, you can’t rename it later.

In the future, Crema may implement a way to rename Temtem but as of right now your Temtem names are permanent.

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